You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 8 Summary

It’s good to have this drama around. Park Shin Hye had recover from her aftereffect and worked hard. She looked a bit pale though, don’t you think?

Anyway, in the last episode, Kyu Won decided to go home with Suk Hyeon. But apparently Shin also came along. Kyu Won told her angry grandfather that she really wanted to perform in the event. Surprisingly, Grandpa Lee just fake-upset asked for the director name and his contact number.

Shin waited in front of Kyu Won’s house the next morning. He asked if the issue with her grandpa was okay. Kyu Won said everything was fine. And then strangely, Shin seemed like following Kyu Won to campus (with an excuse that he had left his bike at campus)…even after they arrived there.

Han Hee Joo asked to talk to Kyu Won. Kyu Won congratulated her sincerely, but the ruthless Hee Joo told her to quit the drama for two reasons: Kyu Won had no place in the play and Hee Joo just simply hate seeing her around. What a girl X|

Shin came to the class in an obvious high spirit mood that morning. His bandmate was even confused.

Kyu Won stole the press attention that they put her on the feature news, even though the leading role went to Han Hee Joo. That didn’t please Im Tae Joon. He was more encouraged to do his plan of having another group for the event as the competition for Suk Hyeon’s.

For that he needed Yoon Soo. He said other than Hee Joo he didn’t care and Yoon Soo was an ambitious person, so he thought she’d take his offer.

Hee Joo was bad-mouthed by the three mean girls. They said that Kyu Won’s was better than her. She cried alone under the tree, but Joon Hee saw her crying. The way he sooth her upset feeling was nice. He just put on the old ‘don’t cry’ song in the headphone on her, wiped her tears and just sat there accompany her.

Kyu Won went to meet Suk Hyeon in the practice hall while Gi Yeong was practicing. Kyu Won asked to withdraw from the drama and just join her group for the music team, but Suk Hyeon turned up scolding her for playing tantrum because she failed to be the leading role. She’d stay in drama team till the end.

Kyu Won was so upset that she even ignored Shin when they passed each other. Shin said she didn’t have to pretend they’re strangers. Shin asked for the collaboration practice in the bad timing. Kyu Won said she couldn’t do it that day, but Shin thought it was just one of her ways of rejecting him so he ended up upset.

Yoon Soo was about to tell Suk Hyeon that senior Im was stabbing him on the back, but Suk Hyeon had excused himself hurriedly for a meeting. Yoon Soo decided to meet senior Im and told him that she couldn’t do such a thing. She’d stay on Suk Hyeon’s side.

Prof. Mi Ran was very exicted about Shin-Kyu Won musical collaboration. She told them to practice together and she’d love to watch it. Kyu Won told her that the Windflower had to perform for a charity event. So that’s Kyu Won’s reason that Shin didn’t know. Prof. Mi Ran told Shin to go and see their performance and give some help in carrying the instruments.

The Windflower perform for the elderly people. They loved it that they couldn’t hold not to dance. Kyu Won went down to dance with them. And Shin with his “i watch from a far cooly” attitude didn’t last long when the grannies dragged him to the dance floor.

After the show they had drink together with the grandpas and grandmas, but Shin of course refused to touch the alcohol. So Kyu Won drank for herself and for Shin, since the elders kept pushing him to drink. The result was bad: Kyu Won was badly drunk.

Shin: “Lee Kyu Won, do you sleep?”

Kyu Won suddenly woke up and said: “Lee Shin, you annoying jerk!”

Then she just fell asleep on his shoulder.

Shin had to carry the drunken Kyu Won on his back all the way home. Kyu Won was the kind of person who speak out her heart while being drunk. She said, “Shin, you stupid. I want to forget you but you keep appearing in front of me. You stupid.”

Shin did his job till the end. He laid Kyu Won on her bed and then went home in a cheerful mood.

Joon Hee rode Hee Joo home. Her awaited anxiously in front of the house and didn’t look very please with Joon Hee. However, Hee Joo seemed to start sincerely like Joon Hee. She even let out the words “thank you”, but Joon Hee pretended not to hear it.

Kyu Won thought of going to campus before Shin because she was embarras after what happened last night. Her granpa told her Shin back-riding her home. But Shin had waited for her at the front door. He boasted of having three bottles of pain release mineral for his back ache. “Three bottles!” he made it notice.

Im Tae Jun apparently was under Hee Joo’s mom order. She insisted of having her daughter as the only one under the spot light. She ordered him to eliminate Tae Jun from the performance no matter what.

Shin did a revenge by getting Kyu Won summarized his traditional-music-learning from a stack of books. Kyu Won couldn’t refuse because Shin brought up the you-owe-me-for-the-piggy-back again. Shin left but just to enjoy the show. He smiles alot in this episode.

Apparently it’s Kyu Won’s birthday. Her friends had set up a suprise together with the Stupid (minus Shin, of course) after their collaboration practice that night.

Grandpa Lee contacted Suk Hyeon. They quietly watched the groups practice their music. And Lee Dong Jin came up with the idea that he’d help them in the music. He’d be the tutor for the two groups.

Kyu Won came early to the practice hall. She only met Shin there. while waiting for the others, Shin asked her if gayageum had the same sound structure as guitar. Kyu Won then gladly share him an “introduction to gayageum”. she told him about gayageum’s parts.

Right after the practice, Bo Woon and friends left Shin Kyu won alone for an excuse of buying some drinks. And then suddenly the light went off.

But another minute the surprise came in. Shin looked shock and disappointed in the same time that he didn’t  know anything about the surprise and Kyu Won’s birthday.

They had some fun together. But Shin didn’t personally said happy birthday to Kyu Won until they’re left alone. Kyu Won said thanks and about to step down the chair when….whoooops, she tripped and fell down the stairs!

Suk Hyeon was still stucked with the too-excited grandfather when he got a phonecall from Shin. Shin informed him about Kyu Won, so they both rushed there.

Suk Hyeon brought Grandpa Lee home to pick up Kyu Won’s stuff since she needed to stay at the hospital for a few days because of the mild fracture on her ankle and rib, but nothing really serious. Shin stayed and nicely gave a hand.

Kyu won asked him to tell her some jokes. And when he tried to throw some jokes, Kyu Won just coldly said he had a very bad humor. Shin was upset and offered to get her something to drink. As soon as Shin went out, Kyu Won burst out laughters. “You’re so cheesy, Shin.”

Suk Hyeon offered himself to be the one who send Kyu Won’s stuffs to hospital and let the grandpa rest that night. When he arrived and told Shin to go home and let him be the one watching over Kyu Won that night, Shin refused to do it. But eventually they’re both sent out of the room by the nurse since none of them were her family. It’s Korea, you know… The two boys ended up having coffee together. But Shin seemed to have Suk Hyeon as a competition to show care to Kyu Won.

The next day Shin went to the hospital early with an excuse that he needed Kyu Won to explain him about the summary. He made Kyu Won explained it over and over again, playing fool by saying he couldn’t understand it yet, but ended up falling asleep during Kyu Won’s lecture.

The Stupid and The Windflower who had a plan to cheer up Kyu Won were surprised finding Shin there. But the genius had his good reason, right? So the pack told them that they’re going to catch some fresh air.

They went to campus to play fireworks. But the security found them so they ran away to avoid being catch. Shin and Kyu Won apparently had run to an opposite direction from their friends.

Kyu Won was busy talking about how fast Bo Woon ran when Shin suddenly said, “About liking me, don’t give up.”

Kyu Won was like, “What??”

Shin then bent on his knees and repeated his words, “About liking me, i said don’t give up.”

Wait wait wait…did Shin really say that?? Oh no…are they gonna speed up on their romance? I don’t think so. We’re still early on the show, still half way down. And anyway, was that the best way Shin could think of to confess his feelings to Kyu Won?? Well, let’s see what the next episode give us. ;)

Hahaha…that ending scene with the fireworks background did look cheesy :D

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  1. “He just put on the old ‘don’t cry’ song in the headphone on her, wiped her tears and just sat there accompany her.”

  2. omg i’m a bit late but thanks! ;)

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