You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 6 Summary

Our two leading roles went home in streaming-tears faces for a broken heart. Shin had to face the reality that Yoon Soo was back to Suk Hyeon’s arms and Kyu Won had to be rejected before any confession.

Shin went to visit his father first before going home. You know, sometimes boys need their dads over their mothers. So when Mr. Lee found Shin was there, he right-guessed him straightly, “Is it about girl?” Then he played a soothing music with his guitar for Shin.

Shin mother naively thought that Shin wouldn’t find out about the real identity of Lee Yeon Soo. But Shin finally told her that he had known he was his biological father.

The next morning was still bitter for Shin since he had to watch the romantic scene of the newly reunite couple, Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo. His heart was still aching and had something to find out. He asked Yoon Soo what she liked from Suk Hyeon. Yoon Soo didn’t want to answer the question at first, but Shin insisted. She asked him back, “Fine. Why do you like me then?”
“I like everything about you,” said Shin.
“Yes, that’s right. That’s the same thing with me. I like everything about him,” said Yoon Soo coldly and then left.

Meanwhile, Kyu Won kept preparing coffee for Shin. Gee, after all those tears the night before?? She must be a B blood type person. She even waited for Shin loyally in his bicycle parking. She had no idea where he was while actually Shin was having the time of his own on a peaceful grass field. He decided to throw the necklace away, the necklace he gave to Yoon Soo.

Senior Im told Suk Hyeon that he approved Gi Yeong’s comeback since he wanted to give that boy another chance. But he said he wouldn’t approve Kyu Won. The leading female had to be Han Hee Joo because she was the chairman’s daughter. He said the campus still need money, so this kind of politic matter. Hearing this Suk Hyeon was upset. He told him that they hired him as the director for the event, so he could do whatever he wanted to his play. The stage is his realm, didn’t gave a damn on the campus politic.

Kyu Won and Lee Shin were missing and that caused the training canceled because without the main guitarist and gayageum player they couldn’t practice. Suk Hyeon was furious. Kyu Won kept tailing Shin, worrying him.

“Do you see yourself just now? You’re a mess,” said Kyu Won.

Surprisingly, Lee Shin said he was giving Yoon Soo up. That’s why he did this walking around under the rain. He needed to clear his mind. He’s ready to let her go. Shin stopped there and turned around. Then he went back to approach Kyu Won. He took the gayageum with him.

They waited for the rain in front of a music shop.They didn’t say anything to each other. I think Shin accepted Kyu Won’s presence as a comfort for him.

This scene reminded me of a movie…but unfortunately i forgot which particular movie it was.

Kyu Won and her granfather were having they regular holiday at home when a rude kid came, without saying any formal greetings to the elder, asking for a hammer. She’s the girl next door, the new neighbor. She asked in an impolite way that it made Grandpa Lee upset and said they didn’t have any hammer. Jeong Hyeon was about to leave when she accidently bumped into a pot. The ceramic pot dropped and broken into pieces. That’s grandpa Lee’s favourite.

Instead of saying sorry, Jeong Hyeon fled. Grandpa Lee tried to catch her to her house and that made the two families met each other at last. Kyu Won’s try to avoid Shin to find out about her being their neighbor failed when her grandpa pushed her to confront Jeong Hyeon who’s hiding behind her big brother, Shin. And then came out the mother.

“Oh. Aren’t you Mr. Lee Dong Jin? You may not remember me, but it’s me Seong Yi Jeong. It’s been along time.”

Grandpa Lee’s memory was dragged into the time when his son brought home a woman whom he introduced as his future wife. That time grandpa Lee didn’t approve them, just like he didn’t approve Kyu Won’s dad musical preference. Seong Ji Yeong was blamed as the girl who dragged his son into western music.

The next morning Kyu Won actually waited for Shin. But when Shin went out, she awkwardly said that she came to tell him about the community and the community activity and where-when the community gathering was held.

Kyu Won asked for apology to Suk Hyeon. He gave her some advices and made her promise not to repeat the same mistake in the future otherwise he had to dismiss her from the performance.

Shin just acted cool when he passed by Suk Hyeon and Yoon soo. Suk Hyeon called him, asking why he didn’t come apologizing with Kyu Won. In a very plain tone Shin said that he wouldn’t do that kind of thing anymore, skipping the practice.

Shin’s dad summoned Kyu Won’s dad to the hospital, saying he had not much time. Lee Yeon Soo asked Lee Seon Gi to take care of Seong Ji Yeong. He said that after he’s dead, there’d be no one to make him hold his feelings to her anymore. However, Kyu Won’s dad got very angry and asked him if he had a little remorse of what he had done to his life and Ji Yeong’s.

“If you want to go, just go quietly,” said Yeon Soo.

The hundry Jeon Hyeon made use of Kyu Won’s cooking ability by lying that Shin told her to cook him something to eat. But when the food was served, Shin wasn’t eating. She’s so fool.

Lee Yeon Soo might not be a famous guitarist, but he had a recording disk of his work.

The next day at campus, Kyu Won reminded Shin that the next day would be her last day become Shin’s slave. He should tell his sister about it too. Shin told her about finding a necklace on the grass field, but soon he took it back.

However, Kyu Won still made her friends helped her finding the necklace. She lied to them that the necklace was hers. The necklace wasn’t yet to be found.

Shin was called by his mother to attend someone’s funeral. He stayed very cool when he found out it was his own father’s funeral. But before they went back home, Yeon Soo’s wife gave Shin the guitar and the notebook.

Shin’s life seemed to be broken apart that day. Shin asked his mother at home if the alcohol poisoning illness that caused his father’s death was hereditary. His mother couldn’t be sure about that. Shin then stayed in his room crying all day, recalling the short memories he had with his dad.

Jeong Hyeon kind of knew that his brother’s father just passed away. So the Lee children were aware that they came from different fathers.

Everyone at campus was wondering why Shin didn’t show up in the campuss the next day. The Catharsis’ owner just volunteerly told Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo who came for drinks that Shin’s biological father just passed away. Meanwhile Kyu Won got the news from Joon Hee when she went looking for him to the Stupid practice room.

Shin still in mourning mood. His mother came asking if he had anything to ask about his father or their past. Shin said he still didn’t have any and then took off to Catharsis.

He sang very emotionally the song “I Miss You”, which gave a very touching effect to the atmosphere.

Kyu Won kept looking for the necklace on the grass field. She was quite surprise when she finally found the necklace and reckoned it was girl’s necklace. She assumed it was the necklace he had given Yoon Soo. Kyu Won was then informed that Shin showed up in Catharsis. But when she got there, the band had already finished their performance and Shin had gone home.

But Shin didn’t go directly home. He was giving himself a private time to be alone. He’s sitting under the rain in front of the music shop, thinking in a miserable look. Yoon Soo saw the scene from the street and just couldn’t deny that she cared for him, so she pulled aside her car and approached Shin to give him an umbrella (which was actually quite unnecessary since he’s already soaked).

When Yoon Soo was about to go, Shin took her hand, got himself up, and then held her tight then cried. He didn’t say anything but cry and cry hard.

Kyu Won arrived late. So she had to watch the scene from a distant with a heartache. Her prologue: “I wanted to be the person who came to him and said that everything would be alright. But now he’s in somebody else’s arms…”

Oh, Kyu Won, didn’t Shin tell you that he may be giving up Yoon Soo to Suk Hyeon but that doesn’t mean he’ll turn to another girl? This episode is too teary. It started with tears from both leading roles and unfortunately ended with the same thing.

Hopefully the next episode we’ll find a new page of each Shin and Kyu Won’s lives. I bet Kyu Won is a B bloodtype so it won’t be difficult for her to always cheer herself up, but Shin…hmmm, he could be an A and if that’s right, he’s character would be difficult to have a quick mood changing.

Anyway, heard that there’ll be no setback for the filming after Shin Hye got the accident. She survived the accident and just got back to work fine.

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  1. I think the part where they’re standing in front of the store, the similar scene you’re talking about is from ‘Autumn in my Heart’. It’s just a thought. Anyways, thanks for recaps. Sooooo love it! Godbless:-)

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