You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 7 Summary

I love this episode, definitely! After all those tears in the last two episode, Kyu Won and Shin start to build up a different level of friendship. Kyu Won has set her feelings to Shin, while Shin started to be unconsciously swayed. So i’m gonna focus more on Kyu won-Shin scenes here. I made alot of breath taking “Oh no!” the whole episode. Shin seemed to turn into a man with full of surprises.

In that rainy night Kyu Won was kind of slapped on the face that Shin was crying in another woman’s arms, not hers. It hurt her for sure, but that scene was really a wake up call for her.

The next day Shin rush to Yoon Soo’s office to invisibly return her umbrella. He was about to put the umbrella in front of Yoon Soo’s office and left when Suk Hyeon came. The director said his condolences and Shin accepted it casually. When Suk Hyeon asked if he’s about to meet Yoon Soo, Shin said no.

Kyu Won’s friends asked Shin if he had seen her since she didn’t come to school. Shin just coldly said no. Then he heard that Kyu Won was looking for a necklace on the grass field the other day.

The next day Kyu Won came to school. The first thing she had to do was dealing her issue with Shin. She approached Shin and told him that she found the necklace and then gave it back to him.
Kyu Won then said, “I will do what you told me. From now on,no matter whom you like, or how much you hurt, i won’t give any concern anymore.”
Shin: “What?”
Kyu Won continued, “I don’t like you, anymore.”

And that’s the end of their master-slave agreement.
But before she left, Kyu Won still said her condolences to Shin though she said it would probably have no meaning to him. Kyu Won was leaving, but Shin suddenly raised from his sit and called, “Lee Kyu Won, thank you.”
Kyu Won turned back and said, “That’s the first time you call my name.”

Kyu Won was challenged by suk Hyeon to go for the leading female audition. Kyu Won didn’t have any confidence at first, but she agreed to give it a try at last.

I’ve been wondering what’s the real acquintance Gi Yeong and Hee Joo had. Here we found out that the incident when Gi Yeong decided to run away from his previous play, Han Hee Joo was the leading female. She felt kind of humiliate, to be left by the leading man right before the show might feel like being left by a groom on the isle.
Hee Joo asked Gi Yeong if he had over come his stage fright problem, of course in a ruthless way. Gi Yeong said he’s working on it. And just before he left he said, “I thought your ruthless manner made you look cool, but now you look pitiful.”

Prof. Hong Mi Ran had Shin for the show’s music scores. The music should be a fusion of modern and traditional. And Shin didn’t at all see Kyu Won coming as his “professor-recommended” help. Shin said it’s okay if Kyu Won didn’t want to do it, but she said it’s okay she’d do it. And Kyu Won was being hard on him from the beginning. Shin had so many things to learn about. And she suggest their practice together started soon.

And while they’re practicing, Shin started to have this look toward Kyu Won:

Oh, no! what that means??

Suk Hyeon announced about the leading female audition. Hee Joo was of course signing up herself. And Kyu Won finally rised her hand too, saying she’d go for it as well.

The collaboration practice between the Stupid and the Windflower was getting better everyday. Joon Hee then suggest a dinner out together. Kyu Won refused to come along at first, but when Shin hurriedly excused himself, Kyu Won didn’t refuse the second offer. Shin found Kyu Won wasn’t going home like she said but went with the others for dinner. He was disappointed so he decided to came along too.

Shin caught Kyu Won eating like crazy and told her to eat slowly otherwise her stomach would feel awful. Kyu Won said everything would be okay. But in the middle of their sing in the karaoke, Kyu Won started to feel bad in her stomach. She went out running to the toilet and Shin went after her.

Kyu Won was throwing up in the toilet when Shin came and did this:

Oh, no! Was he really patting her back??

Shin helped her got the tissue and told her to stop acting stiff in front of him. He said it’s okay.
And then he was back on his feet and gave Kyu Won her hand.

Oh, no!

But it wasn’t Kyu Won’s hand he’s asking. He asked for the tambourine since it seemed to burden her :D .Kyu Won was thankful and embarass in the same time.

Shin walked Kyu Won to the bus shelter. He’s acting like a real gentleman. Kyu Won thought they’d go home in a separate way, she got the bus and Shin got the bicycle. But she was wrong.
Shin decided to get on the bus as well, murmuring, “Taking the bus to home is not bad at all.”

Lee Dong Jin caught Kyu Won’s drama script. He finally knew what she’s been up to and threw the scripts away. Shin found them in front of the house.Kyu Won was locked in her room.

Suk Hyeon just finished holding the “unplanned” press confrence when Soo Myeong told him that Kyu Won didn’t show up anywhere at campus today.

Shin also heard the same news from his bandmate who overheard Bo woon and the others talking about Kyu Won had a trouble with her grandfather. Shin immediately rush to Kyu Won’s house.
But Suk Hyeon with his car was definitely faster than Shin’s bike.

Suk Hyeon tried to persuade Lee Dong Jin, but the old man’s decision was as solid as an iron.Suk Hyeon failed his diplomacy and he was needed in the audition. He had no option but to leave.

Shin pretended to walk past him just like he’s heading home. But he decided to ask Suk Hyeon what time the audition started. Suk Hyeon told him, “It’s at 5 o’clock.” They only had 20 minutes left.

Shin didn’t actually know what to do to help Kyu Won, but then he met his sister. Jeong Hyeon was paid to make a distraction for Grandpa Lee. She came in to the house and pretended to need him teaching her about Korean traditional chess. She succeeded to make Grandpa Lee believed she needed the chess board. So when he left the room to get the chess board, she released Kyu Won. Shin was waiting for him out side. The fled from the angry grandpa.

After Hee Joo’s audition, Kyu Won hadn’t arrived yet. Prof. Im was about to leave, but Kyu Won finally showed up. She started to sing this sad song.
“No matter how hurt you feel now. As time passes by, another thing will come.It will be like this. I will forget you.”
She sang the song with tears coming down her cheeks.

Everyone was touched by her singing. And Shin was somehow one of them. He recalled the memories he had with Kyu Won. From his expression, I think I can tell that Shin was really really touched and seriously rethink about Kyu won’s sincerity to him and his own feelings towards her.

However, the voting resulted Hee Joo as the leading female. Kyu Won was disappointed a little, but everyone acknowledge her talent was actually better than Hee Joo. She also got her friends and Suk Hyeon’s encouragement.
I like to see him ruffle Kyu Won’s hair. Very brother-sister like.

And then came Shin reminding her about the angry grandpa.Kyu Won was about to rush home when Shin offered her a ride. (Oh, no!)

Kyu Won refused him with some reasons, but surprisingly Shin insisted on taking her home.
Kyu Won didn’t give him a chance. And then Suk Hyeon offered a car ride to her. He said, “It’d be better reason for the director to take you home.”
And Kyu Won take that offer and left Shin standing there…..disappointed.

Oh i’m so excited about this episode and the next one. Too bad that Shin Hye had to have that aftereffects so epiode 8 was postponed. But through her twitter, Shin Hye said not to worry about her condition that she’s fine. She’s back to work early this weekend.

I heard that the collaboration of The Stupid and the Windflower made these groups have to live together in the same dorm to  work on the music. Ooooh I’m hardly waiting to watch the next episode….

Shin Hye, fighting!! ;)

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