You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings): What to Expect From Episode 10

If you missed last night episode, you miss many sweet scenes. Oh I wish I could write the summary right away last night. I just feel itchy not to write a single thing  about that episode this morning. I’m still working on the full summary, but for now i’m gonna spoil you with a little sneak peek.

Episode 10 was so sweet and fun. We have the new couple.

So what should we expect from episode 10?

First thing, of course Shin’s warmth love towards Kyu Won. Yeah, we can expect the hand in hand walk… :)

Second thing is sharing their same hobby: music. So what does a musician couple do to spend their spare time in the park? Play music and then…listen to the music with a sharing earphones.

Third thing is the new adjustment on the vehicle. You know Shin’s vehicle, right? The bike. So Kyu Won would be a regular passenger on the back. For that, Shin has prepared a new cute froggy seat pad. ;)

The next thing is…regular visit to the Stupid’s practice room. Yeah…Kyu Won starts to learn how to play guitar.

And yes, you can expect MORE… :D

Please wait for my full summary coming out soon ;)

[by Rizz]

4 Responses to You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings): What to Expect From Episode 10

  1. yes, yes! i love this episode!

  2. can’t wait for the summary!!!

  3. I can’t wait plz hurry up!!!!!!

  4. bommieisallmine

    omo~this is so sweet!! Can’t wait for the summary!!!! Pls post it quickly~keke!!! <3

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