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Shin Min Ah And Lee Jun Ki Shared Intimacy on “Arang And Magistrate” Teaser

For anticipation, Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki’s fantasy new drama “Arang And Magistrate” (아랑사또전) released the short teaser video. Shin Min Ah , even though she takes the role as the spirit, Arang, once again she shows her cuteness here. While she’s haunting Lee Jun Ki who plays as Eun Ho, the magistrate, […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 14 Quick Summary

Gaksital finally showed up in the party as we could see at the ending of episode 13. He was involved in a duel fight with Kimura Taro, but Gaksital could take over the control. He even tore the giant Japanese flag with Mr.Kimura’s sword. Then he had the sword on Mr.Kimura’s neck. Shonji came back […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 13 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 13 started where Mok Dan and Gaksital fled to the woods after she threatened Shonji with a gun. Mok Dan cried on Gaksital’s shoulder.”To meet you before leaving is so grateful,” she said. Then she called Gaksital the way she called the boy who gave her the dagger. In her heart she narrated. […]

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BIG Episode 12 Quick Summary

  Gyeong Joon and Da Ran kept on arguing. Da Ran refused to go with him. And Gyeong Joon didn’t pulled her anymore, instead just said, “If you miss Kang Gyeong Joon, just throw away the ring.” Da Ran kind of making everything seems to be complicated for Gyeong Joon. As a man he might […]

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BIG Episode 11 Quick Summary

BIG episode 11 reveals one big truth for Da Ran. While Gyeong Joon maintains his independence of feelings to avoid any complication, Da Ran is in the opposite way. So that night in the park, Gyeong Joon came to Da Ran in the park to talk to her. He told her to stop acting that […]

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Park Shin Hye As The Ghost on “Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost”

If usually the ghost  looks scary and makes you frightened, but don’t worry it will not happen if Park Shin Hye as the ghost. Recently, 4Him Entertainment, Park Shin Hye’s agency, revealed teaser from KBS’s special drama “Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost”. Although taking a role as the ghost, instead of looks scary and creepy, […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 12 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 12 started with a gun fire. The wounded man Gaksital was going to take away sacrificed himself by taking Shonji’s bullet for him. The police station suddenly at an alert situation. Gaksital managed to fight them all, even hit Shonji unconscious. Gaksital went back to the dying man. He handed Gaksital a piece […]

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Jung Yong Hwa Making Cameo on “Gentleman’s Dignity”

After Sooyeong (Girls Generation), another idol making short appearance on Kim Eun Suk’s drama “Gentleman’s Dignity”. Yesterday (July 3rd) frontman of CNBlue, Jung Yong Hwa has wrapped filming for his short scene with Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul. the filming took place on Italian restaurant in Ilsan. On the script, Jung Yong Hwa […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 11 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 11 started with the moment when Gaksital showed up in Mr. Jo’s room, hit him down and took the documents he needed, and then tried to escape from the house. But some ninjas blocked his ways. After Gaksital fought them, Shonji came down with sword himself. They fought and Gaksital almost lost the fight, […]