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More Posters From “To The Beautiful You” Unveiled

The most anticipated up-coming teenage drama from SBS “To The Beautiful You” (아름다운 그대에게) released more posters. The first poster just appeared with seven leading roles, f(x)’s Sulli, Minho (Shinee), Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, and Kwanghee (ZE-A). The gang look so bright. They were just wearing the casual outfits, and […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 18 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 18 started with Shonji who was going to visit Mok Dan, even brought a bucket of flowers. But when he got there, he found the guards were unconscious. He got the info that a man took her away. Shonji knew where to go and whom to confront: Chae Hong Joo. He came and directly […]

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The Up-Coming Idols Drama “To The Beautiful You”

After “Dream High” and “Dream High 2”, more idols drama produced, for this August on SBS there will be “To The Beautiful You” that starred by idols, such as, f(x)’s Sulli, and Shinee’s Minho. “To The Beautiful You” is based on the most popular manga title “Hana Kimi”.  “Hana Kimi” has been produced on Dorama […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s Comeback Drama “Five Fingers” Revealed Teasers

After 5 years of “break” finally this summer, Joo Ji Hoon, officially comes back on small screen. This week his SBS up-coming drama “Five Fingers” unveiled the teasers. On “Five Fingers” he has got role as the genius pianist with absolute pitch. The drama tells about his journey to become the world professional pianist. On […]

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“Gentleman’s Dignity” Best Prologues

The most anticipated scene in SBS Drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” episodes is definitely the prologue. Every episode, they always have the first 2-3  minutes for prologue, telling short flashback or insight of the brotherhood and as well as manhood. I guess all of us who’ve been following this drama have our own favorite among the prologues. […]

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OST Gentleman’s Dignity

Here I post the complete Gentleman’s Dignity OST. Gentleman’s Dignity has been one of the hottest dramas this summer. Although I don’t have any more time to write summary for this drama, it’s definitely my favorite weekend drama. This drama is just great with the whole package: casts, story line, dialogues…and of course original soundtrack. […]

Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 17 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 17 started from the moment when the police truck was attacked by Dam Sari’s men and Kang To was secretly helping them. Kang To was actually handing over Dam Sari without a fight, but one of Dam Sari’s men was about to shoot KAng To. But Shonji and the troops came and the […]

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BIG Episode 16 Quick Summary (Final)

Here we are finally in BIG final episode. It may be luring and seems to be brightly clear reaching the end…the writers chose “surprise”. But what kind of surprise, just wait a little while The episode starts with Da Ran declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring […]

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Gong Yoo Sings “Because It’s You” for Special Track on “Big” Soundtrack

Gong Yoo’s voice for “Big” soundtrack is one of few good things for me lately. It was too bad that I missed “Big” Episode 15 just because i had a cruel and terrible Monday..ah…I can’t curse Monday, what a love-hate relationship with Mmonday. whatever.. Thank goodness, my agonies has cured by Gong Yoo’s voice on […]