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BIG Episode 15 Quick Summary

Big episode 15 started with somewhere in a “transition world” Gyeong Joon met Yoon Jae who was reading the “Miracle” book with the teenage Gyeong Joon who’s lying on his childhood bed. “So this is it? I would go back and won’t remember anything. In this way i will live happily?” Yoon Jae gave his […]

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“Arang And Magistrate” Showed Photo of Yoo Seung Ho’s Character

Before start running on August 15th, more spoiler unveiled from MBC’s up-coming drama “Arang and Magistrate”, finally Yoo Seung Ho’s character “The Great Jade Emperor” appeared. On that fantasy sageuk drama,  Yoo Seung Ho makes special appearance through the god character. The great jade emperor is one of the most important character on Arang’s mission […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 16 Quick Summary

The tense was high in Gaksital episode 16. As KAng To and Shonji were facing each other…as arch villains? Shonji:”You. You’re, right? Gaksital.” Kang To: “I’m worry about Mok Dan.” Shonji: “Why you worried about this woman? You’re just Gaksital!” KAng To: “I love this woman.” Shonji: “What you’re saying? Say it again.” Kang To: […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 15 Quick Summary

Kang To was begging Dam SAri to tell him where Mok Dan was. Shonji was shock about the fact that KAng To knew Mok Dan’s childhood name.He instantly connect him with Mok DAn’s dagger and then to Gaksital. This hypothesis was very hard to believe for him. Gaksital was the man who killed his brother, […]

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BIG Episode 14 Quick Summary

Big Episode 14 is sad, I’m telling you. It’s started with a clock, showing 10.10. Da Ran approached Gyeong Joon on a bright alley, but she confused if it’s Gyeong Joon or Yoon Jae. Then both visited Gyeong Joon’s body in the hospital. Da Ran was in a difficult situation. She’s having a bad dream. Gyeong […]

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“Arang And Magistrate” Released The Couple Poster

Recently, MBC’s up-coming  drama “Arang and Magistrate” released the main poster that shows the main characters: the ghost, Arang (Shin Min Ah), and the magistrate Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki). At a glance this poster looks romantic and mysterious. On the poster there’s also tagline (more or less translated like this) “Just like the fate […]

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BIG Episode 13 Quick Summary

  Big episode 13 started with the kiss, Da Ran and Gyeong Joon. After the kiss, Da Ran looked stressful. “I told you not to do it, but you kept doing it. It’s making me having an affair,” she said. “Having an affair it be.” (More or less something like that). Gyeong Joon looked happy. […]


More of Gong Yoo’s Warm Side Revealed on “Big”

Today (July16th) More stills of Gong Yoo from “Big” location are released. My first reaction when i saw these pics just….aaaaaah…*a long sigh.. oh God, how could You created the guy as almost perfect as him? And all day long i’m doing nothing but just smiling thinking of him, like a lunatic girl. Not only […]

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Gavy NJ Sings “After The Sun” for “Bridal Mask” Soundtrack Part.3

KBS’s high budget drama, “Bridal Mask” released more soundtracks, after UlalaSession and 4Man, this time female singer Gavy Nj was trusted to sing “After The Sun” for soundtrack par.3. The song was released on July 12 as the episode 14 running. The song sounds touching and Gavy’s voice makes this song more emotional. This song […]