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Baek Ji Yeong Sings “Spring Rain” for Gu Family Book

For this spring the OST Queen, Baek Ji Yeong, brings two good things. Last week she announced that she will marry her younger boyfriend, Jung Suk Won in June. Then this week she showcase her voice for soundtrack of Number 1 Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book”. Baek Ji Yeong sings ballad song “Spring Rain”, this […]

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Joo Won and Suzy Got the Popularity Awards at 2012 KBS Drama Awards

Joo Won and Suzy got the Popularity Awards at 2012 KBS Drama Awards. Joo Won of course through his phenomenal drama “Gaksital”.  And Korea’s “First Love” girl Suzy got this award through her drama “Big”. Thankfully, Joo Won was not teary at this first awards of the  night…which means I’m sure there more awards for […]

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BIG Episode 16 Quick Summary (Final)

Here we are finally in BIG final episode. It may be luring and seems to be brightly clear reaching the end…the writers chose “surprise”. But what kind of surprise, just wait a little while The episode starts with Da Ran declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring […]

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BIG Episode 15 Quick Summary

Big episode 15 started with somewhere in a “transition world” Gyeong Joon met Yoon Jae who was reading the “Miracle” book with the teenage Gyeong Joon who’s lying on his childhood bed. “So this is it? I would go back and won’t remember anything. In this way i will live happily?” Yoon Jae gave his […]

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BIG Episode 14 Quick Summary

Big Episode 14 is sad, I’m telling you. It’s started with a clock, showing 10.10. Da Ran approached Gyeong Joon on a bright alley, but she confused if it’s Gyeong Joon or Yoon Jae. Then both visited Gyeong Joon’s body in the hospital. Da Ran was in a difficult situation. She’s having a bad dream. Gyeong […]

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BIG Episode 13 Quick Summary

  Big episode 13 started with the kiss, Da Ran and Gyeong Joon. After the kiss, Da Ran looked stressful. “I told you not to do it, but you kept doing it. It’s making me having an affair,” she said. “Having an affair it be.” (More or less something like that). Gyeong Joon looked happy. […]

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BIG Episode 12 Quick Summary

  Gyeong Joon and Da Ran kept on arguing. Da Ran refused to go with him. And Gyeong Joon didn’t pulled her anymore, instead just said, “If you miss Kang Gyeong Joon, just throw away the ring.” Da Ran kind of making everything seems to be complicated for Gyeong Joon. As a man he might […]

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BIG Episode 11 Quick Summary

BIG episode 11 reveals one big truth for Da Ran. While Gyeong Joon maintains his independence of feelings to avoid any complication, Da Ran is in the opposite way. So that night in the park, Gyeong Joon came to Da Ran in the park to talk to her. He told her to stop acting that […]

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BIG Episode 10 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran unintentionally made a confession to Gyeong Joon at the end of previous episode of BIG. Gyeong Joon had switched off the recorder and heard what Da Ran said, but when he looked at her, he casually asked, “What did you say?” Da Ran was instantly panicking and muttered, “I’m looking for a […]

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