Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Summary

This is it, the moment we are afraid the most from happening in Cheongdamdong Alice. The moment when Seung Jo knows the truth. But wait I made a little mistake last time. He pretended that he had no nothing to do with the other woman, Yoon Joo. In Hwa tried to correct it, to get a confirmation that Seung Jo and Yoon Joo did have a past together, but he didn’t. After watching the video, he still looked calm. So calm that it confused In Hwa and made her think that he had already known. Meanwhile in the hospital, Se Gyeong got the information of what really happened to Seung Jo after all women he loved left him. He kind of “lost his mind” for 2 years.


Seung Jo might manage to stay cool in front of In hwa and everyone. But as soon as he sat alone in his room, he started to feel the ache. And his eyes started to get teary.


Se Gyeong, who still had no idea about In Hwa’s action, got a call from Seung Jo who asked her to come by his house. He wanted to have a wine together. He looked just as usual, though a bit less excited. But he kept pouring wine into his glass. While Seung Jo was taking another wine in the kitchen, Se Gyeong got a call from Tommy who was already with Yoon Joo, telling her that Shin In Hwa had done it. Se Gyeong was trembling, but as soon as she’s back to Seung Jo, she still found him as usual. He even told her that starting from tomorrow they’d be busy preparing for their wedding, as their wedding date had been set by the parents.


Seung Jo felt a sleep and Se Gyeong put him on the bed. That night Se gyeong didn’t go home and decided to stay in Seung Jo’s place sleeping in the couch. When Seung Jo was out of his bed that morning, he found Se Gyeong was preparing for breakfast. Before they start eating, Se Gyeong brought up a topic of conversation, “Seung Jo-ssi, last time you said you are a guy who is far from perfect. But what I see in your entire house tells the other way. So one day would you show me another house which is not perfect? Show me another side of you which is not perfect. Me too, has many things to show you.” A slight change in Seung Jo’s expression told that he dislike the topic, so he changed it. He said after breakfast there’s something he wanted to show her.

Seung Jo brought Se Gyeong to a church and imagined it’s their real wedding ceremony already. They imagined families and friends were there, as well as the priest to lead their wedding. The couple exchanged vows as well as their imaginary rings. Then Se Gyeong started to recall many things that Seung Jo had told her and about the fact that Seung Jo had already known the truth. “Seung Jo, I have something to tell you,” she said. “I have…lied to you.” Seung Jo’s face changed to be stern.”Don’t do it, otherwise I’ll die. Don’t say anything. Don’t do anything.” For the first time, seung Jo got angry.


Se Gyeong cried and could only ask for apology, “It’s not your fault. It’s my fault.” Seung Jo tried to hold his anger from exploding,but he left her on the altar, broke down and cried. But it didn’t take her long to stand up again and run to catch up SEung Jo, though he had left. She tried to call over and over again, but Seung Jo kept ignoring her. Seung Jo cried alone in his car.

Se gyeong asked for a help from Dong Wook and Secretary Moon. They looked for Seung Jo here and there, but Seung Jo was nowhere to be found. This news arrived to Mr.Cha’s table so he summoned Se Gyeong and told her to bring him back no matter what.

Se gyeong went to the gallery cafe where Seung Jo’s painting was displayed, but it wasn’t there anymore. Seung Jo had taken it awhile ago.

Mr.Cha was furious not only to Se Gyeong. This issue of course influenced his business partnership with GN. Mr.Shin with all his children came to close up the deal they’d been waiting for years,but Mr.Cha’s reception was not good. Partnership cancellation was what the Shin got and he said that they should ask Shin In Hwa for the reason.

Shin family had a serious family meeting. In Hwa showed the video to the whole family. Yoon Joo’s life was turning upside down, but Mr.Shin scolded In Hwa too because of her reckless action. Yoon Joo had a further more private conversation with her husband. Her husband actually knew that Yoon Joo fell for her in the first place was because of the money,but still this lie hurt him anyhow. Yoon Joo spoke out her argument saying that it’s all part of her effort to keep the person she wanted to keep in her life and to do well in that. Mrs. Shin seemed to have no more mercy for her daughter in-law, but the men in Shin family kept their cool head. They still considered business and especially to find a way to recover their partnership with Royal Group since it’s very important for their family business. And the father thought that Yoon joo might be their solution.


Se Gyeong managed to find the painting in the gallery, but not seung Jo.Meanwhile Tommy Hong who got the news from Yoon Joo that the game was over for the three of them was so worried about Se Gyeong.He found Se Gyeong was still on the street trying to look for Seung Jo. He’s the one who calm Se Gyeong down and to take her back to her right mind. He sent her to Seung Jo’s apartment.
Se Gyeong saw her drawings about Paris and remember how much Seung Jo wanted to go Paris as his escape destination. Secretary Moon got the information about flight schedule to Paris. Tommy Hong drove her to the airport.

Se Gyeong managed to stopped Seung Jo from going through the entrance gate in the airport. Seung Jo was definitely angry. He insisted that everything about them was over, there’s no way back to fix their issue, and he had erase Se Gyeong from his life. He really needed to go because he didn’t like the fact that he’d be hating Se gyeong, but seeing her again was something that’s unavoidable. That’s why he decided to leave.Se Gyeong stayed strong and without any tears she confidently said, “If we have to break up, let’s just break up.But no running away. I still have so many things to show you. And until then, you can decide again for leaving. And you too, you still have many things to show me.”

Se Gyeong definitely keeps her words for not letting go Seung Jo, at least not until her very last effort. I like her fighting spirit.



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  1. Hi,thank you for the quick summary.I think the story starts now.

  2. actually, what Sekyung said at the end was:

    ““If we have to break up, let’s just break up.But no running away. I still have so many things to show you.” <— this part in the recap is correct.

    The part after is kinda mistranslated. She actually says:
    "After I show you all of me, the real me, you can decide whether you want to leave me or not. You showed me all of you, the real you. Now, it's my turn."

  3. it seems like tommy hong is also falling for se gyung, right?

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