Dream High Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode! People’s relationship were back to positive atmosphere…I call it a “friend call”. Sam Dong, Jason-Pil Sook, Sam Dong-Hye Mi-Jin Guk, Hye Mi-Baek Hee, and even between Jin Guk and his dad…they had pass the stage where someone hate somebody, and now it’s time for them to let their friends give a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Baek Hee was struggling with her terrible mistake, Jin Guk couldn’t avoid fame&scandal, Sam Dong practiced hard to get the right pitch, Hye Mi was breaking her own iceberg,  Jason-Pil Sook were pushed to be honest about their feelings to each other. The last was the most interesting part of this episode ;) Well, let’s start…

Sam Dong sang his song in false note. Everyone started to wishper to each other and Sam Dong realized there’s something wrong, but he couldn’t much because his hearing was impaired. Hye Mi took an action. She went up to the balcony that faced the stage and helped Sam Dong by giving sign in what note he had to sing each line. So thanks to Hye Mi, he was saved.

Kang Oh Yeok and Hye Mi went to the doctor to get a clear explanation about Sam dong’s condition. The boy was suffered for tinnitus…it’s a hearing damaged symptom, and what applied to Sam Dong was a hearing loss.

The showcase resulted Jin Guk as the lucky one who got a solo debut with his self-composed song, “My Valentine”. Among so many garlands presented for him, he found one from Hyeon Moo Jin, his dad.

Hye Mi gave Sam Dong a tuning fork. She said it’d help him getting the right pitch.

Pil Sook was doing excellent in recognizing the key note, pitch, at the music class. Sam Dong looked envy and curious at the same time. That’s why after the class, he asked Pil Sook to meet somewhere to teach him about the pitch. Jason looked curious and displease. He asked Hye Mi what were the two going to do alone? Hye Mi coldly smirked and said, “Ask him yourself.”

During the lunch Yoon Baek Hee found no body wanted to be near her. She’s a public enemy then. They bad mouthed her behind her back. Hye Mi suddenly came as a companion. She did what Jin Guk once did to help her coping up with the situation when everybody hated her: the song-less earphone…I think the best and nice idea someone could do to help another who deserted by others.

Baek Hee couldn’t stop pittying herself. Ms.Shi approached her not to scold her, but to apologize for being such a bad teacher and told her that she would always support her. She said everybody would experience the downs in their lives, but there’s always the way to go up again.

Jason was upset and made other people got the nerves on him. He was curious and upset about Pil Sook being alone with Sam Dong somewhere, but still tried to push it away by listening to music on a public music corner. He took it on and off several times, ignoring a long queue behind him.

Just look at In Seong’s expression.

Jason couldn’t take it anymore, so he went to see what’s really going on at that secluded classroom. However, Hye Mi got him sneaking around and asked, “Why are you here?”

Jason lied, “Oh nothing, I just on my way to the library.”

With a naughty smile Hye Mi enthusiastically said, “Oh really? I wanna go there, too. So, let’s go together!” Then she dragged him along, but he found himself a way out.

Ma Doo Shik he’s interested in promoting Hye Mi and Pil Sook. The school didn’t recommend him those girls. Ms. Maeng said that netizen would starightly attack Pil Sook 80-something-kg history while Hye Mi had a very bad behavior. Only Yang Jin Man who speak out his objection.

So there they were…at KBS Radio superjunior program where LeeTeuk and Eun Hyuk as the DJs. Pil Sook was just so lovely, while Hye Mi still with her apathetic face. Ree Ah called the program pretending to be a loyal fan, but she brought up about Pil Sook over weight condition back then. Hye Mi who recognized that witch’s voice couldn’t hold her nerves…the DJs were panic :D

Ma Doo Shik kind of protested to Oh Yeok for his students’ bad behavior…Kang Oh Yeok innocently just said, “Oh, you knew these kids before, so you should’ve known this kind of thing would happen.”

Kang Oh Yeok suggested Sam Dong to use the tuning fork to remember the tone through the vibration instead of the sound. He just need to remember the basist pitch then the rest would follow, imagine it like a tree branch.

Jin Guk paid a visit to his dad. Hyeon Moo Jin was getting softer. He denied sending the garland, but he did show some care to Jin Guk and also wore the watch he had given him back then.

Jin Guk called Hye Mi out. She congratulated him with her usual plain face as usual and Jin Guk protested that. “You should smile when you congratulate your friend.” Hye Mi said that’s just exactly the way she congratulated friends (without a smile). But when Jin Guk told her that his father congratulated him, Hye Mi did smile.

Jin Guk and Hye Mi were pinching each other’s cheek when Sam Dong passed by on his way back home. He congratulated Jin Guk sincerely. Sam Dong was back to the person we’ve known…he’s no longer the dark Sam Dong.

Not long after Jin Guk left, a breaking news telling that Hyeon Shi Hyeok was behind the bars for hitting his manager, Director Hyoon. Kang Oh Yeok came to pick him up at the police station. He asked him what really made him hit that person. Jin Guk didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, the cctv recording was showed on TV…Jin Guk was really hitting his manager.

Hyeon Moo Jin was concerned. But it’s good that he didn’t believe Jin Guk would do such a thing without any reason.

The public was mean, the netizen had no mercy for Jin Guk. They straightly attacked him anywhere. They even changed the “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” poster into “Violent King Hyeon Shi Hyeok”. Ah Jeong spread the rumor that Baek Hee also got a hit on her eyes on the first showcase where back then she had the star shaped painting around her eyes. In Seong didn’t stay quite listening to those crazy rumours. The Group K members were also mean to Jin guk by saying bad things about him that it bugged Jason and made him shouted, “That’s enough, stop it!” (in English).

Hyeon Moo Jin visited Jin Guk at Kang residence. He tried to make Jin Guk confessed of what actually happened. However, Jin Guk refused to tell him anything.

Sam Dong tried to support Jin Guk in his own way. He told Jin Guk to stop acting that he’s the unluckiest person on earth. He told him to get out of his self-pitty pretty soon and started all over again because he didn’t want to compete with a weak competition. Sam Dong was talking about winning Hye Mi’s heart. He told Jin Guk about his hearing damage which made their condition equal so Jin Guk wouldn’t have any more excuse to stay in despair.

Aha, this is my most favourite part! It was at lunch time at school when Pil Sook just stepped on the canteen hall when she overheard Jason saying “Miss you, love you” with another woman…someone named Julia if I wasn’t mistaken.

Pil Sook was upset, but didn’t say anything. She sat at a distance from Jason. However, this guy saw her and then approached her. With an excuse as a responsible senior to junior, he advised her not to be alone with any man in an enclosed classroom never again because it’d trigger a bad rumour. Pil Sook attacked him back by telling that saying “miss you, love you” to a certain girl on the phone on public could also trigger a rumour. Jason asked was that an advice or a jealosy expression. Pil Sook asked him back the same question.

Jason suggested them to tell the real thing at the same time after the count to three. but when he hit the three, no one said anything. The upset Jason left the table, leaving the upset Pil Sook.

However, it was within seconds Jason was back. He sat next to Pil Sook and said, “Okay. Yes, I was jealous. So what about you?” I couldn’t hold my scream when Pil Sook innocently said, “I was jealous, too.” Oooohhh, they reminded me of how sweet a high school romance could be… B)

The music class hold a pitch test. Everyone random picked a lyric they had to sing duet. Jason was disappointed finding out he had to sing with Hye Mi instead of Pil Sook. They sang alright, but the result wasn’t perfect. Ms. Shi told them they still made some mistakes.

Pil Sook got a chance to sing together with Sam Dong. Jin Man and Oh Yeok were very nervous watching from outside the classroom. However, surprisingly, they both made a perfect score! No false pitch at all! Just look at how Yang Jin Man dropped his jaw.

Jin Guk was about to leave after Sam Dong finished singing, but Sam Dong caught him up. He told Jin Guk to get back to his best performance soon because he wouldn’t be waiting long (to win Hye Mi’s heart). Then he handed over the lucky pendant to Jin Guk. He said it had worked for him so it Jin Guk’s turn to have it.

Hye Mi spotted Baek Hee acting weird. She seemed to lose herself. She’s in a great despair. She was depress. Baek Hee went upstair and -I think- attempted suicide. Hye Mi came in the right time. She asked Baek Hee what made her in great despair. Baek Hee then said that Jin Guk hit Director Hyoon to protect her. She felt terribly guilty.

I’m getting like this drama very much. It offered me quite many new things and idea, and a great curiousity for Jason and Pil Sook relationship. :D

And please don’t turn off your TV till the very end. You’ll see Taecyeon, as Hyeon Shi Hyeok, sing at the Music Bank “his debut” song “My Valentine”. Okay, I have to admit that I was wrong doubting Taecyeon singing ability. He really can sing. But don’t expect it to be a great vocal like 2Am Chang Min or his 2PM mate WooYeong or Kim Soo Hyun. It’s a nice song, though, with a so-so-but-nice original vocal of Taecyeon. ;)

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  1. Please post the next episodes summaries D’: I haven’t anytime to watch, so I read your summaries >. orangekarrots@yahoo.com

  2. heh. when i reading about jason and pil sook’s relationship in the library i jumped up and yelled YES! everyone looked at me like wat a weirdo >.< but i REALLY want Jin Guk and Hye Mi to end up together hehehe that would be sooo cutee!!!! Please keep posting! heh. 사랑해 taecyeon ^____^

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