Gu Family Book Episode 22 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 22 is not yet the drama finale, nor the end of Kang Chi’s misery. But even so…there are some moments of clear sky in this gloomy situation.

Let’s get back to the moment when it was raining. Yeo Wool remembered how her father had told her to leave Kang Chi and that guy cried on Yeo Wool’s shoulders innocently thinking that this girl was all he had left now. So Yeo Wool had only three days before she told Kang Chi everything.

The next day, Kang Chi woke up finding himself in his room, but with Yeo Wool’s hand above his chest and she’s sleeping next to him. But well, you cannot think of western kind of sleeping-together scene :p .  Apparently she was not sleeping since she told Kang Chi that the reason why she’s there was because Kang Chi cried so bad last night and she worried of letting him spend the night alone. But Yeo Wool couldn’t get rid of the three-day limit off her head. Then she asked Kang Chi if there’re things he would request from her. The first thing he asked was rice cooked personally by Yeo Wool.


Kang Chi was about to get to number two when Geon was on the door. Kang Chi pretended to still be asleep. But Geon noticed Yeo Wool’s umbrella and Geon knew how to catch them red handed. He couldn’t stand not to beat Kang Chi whether it was a misunderstanding or not. Kang Chi giggled after Yeo Wool’s trainer who caught Geon and Kang Chi in an awkward position finally left the room. “Do you think it’s funny??” said Geon before he left. Kang Chi stopped giggling. In his heart he said, “Yeah, I can still laugh. It all passed. And I can still laugh.”



The Monk got a visitor: his old pal, Wol Ryeong. This time, the real Wol Ryeong. The Monk helped Wol Ryeong to meet his son, this time in a different situation…more civilized if you may say. Kang Chi asked about his mother and Wol Ryeong said she’d be forever with him very soon and this time he knew there would never be the second resurrection. But before he left this world to join Seo Hwa, he had something to do for his son..the least good thing he could do. He told Kang Chi that he knew Kang Chi’s wish to be human and he gave him some advises. He grabbed his shoulder before leaving, in a very warm way. Kang Chi then asked,”This is our last meeting, right?” Wol Ryeong: “Yes.” Kang Chi:”Then occasionally…very occasionally…I will miss you.” Wol Ryeong paused shortly but then left.
And we can all hear Kang Chi’s voice: “This way also, another matter passed.”


Wol Ryeong had prepared a beautiful death for him and Seo Hwa. Back in the cave, he laid himself next to Seo Hwa’s body on the flowery-decorated stone table and then back to death. The blue fireflies started to fly around them and the ivies started to cover their bodies.

Kang Chi discussed to the Monk about his mission on finding Gu Family Book. He showed his progress to the Monk how he could stay as a human without the beads. The monk showed him the old book, but he warned Kang Chi how he should rethink very very well about his decision. But Kang Chi was so confidence about his choice. The Monk explained the rules. But Kang Chi kept saying that he was eager to do this for Yeo Wool. He wanted to spend his life with Yeo Wool, that’s his dream now.


But then The Monk told him the bitter reality about the condition if he took this choice. His decision would cost Yeo Wool’s life if he didn’t let her go. Remember about The Monk’s warn to Yeo Wool about how their bitter destiny started in front of the tree under the crescent moon on the night she saved Kang Chi? Between the two would die. Yeah that thing. So Kang Chi refrained about the book and he realized there’s no other possible way for him to get greedy: being a human, and get a happy ever life with Yeo Wool.

Kang Chi went home with an expression that made Yeo Wool asked, “What’s the matter? Is everything okay?” Of course Kang Chi didn’t say anything. And Yeo Wool was excitedly presenting him her rice masterpiece. So while they’re facing each other, each of them was thinking about their bitter reality: one about the remaining days they had together and another one is worrying about the death penalty. But then Kang Chi got a visitor from the inn, informing him about Tae Seo.

Tae Seo was caught by Mr.Jo’s men in the previous episode. And this time Mr.Jo was interrogating Tae Seo. Mr.Dam also heard the news, but then they went to see Mr.Lee. The famous turtle battle ship of Admiral Lee Sung Shin was almost ready. He showed to Mr.Dam, and the young people the smaller model of the ship. And he also showed them the complete navy map. They would  get to make action soon.

Tae Seo was still do the bargaining with Mr.Jo. He asked for the inn and everything that he had taken away from the Park family to be handed back in return to the information he had. Cheong Jo was of course part of the bargain. Mr.Jo tried to make sure that Tae Seo would not fool him. And Mr.Jo started his plan by ordering a series of murder to some noble men.

While Mr.Dam and other Mr.Lee’s officers took care of the big issues, the three young people had to take care of something else. This time Kang Chi managed to make Yeo Wool stay and wait while the guys made execution. “This is my second wish,” said Kang Chi.  Yeo Wool: “How could you use your request for this kind of situation?” Kang Chi: “Promised is promise, Yeo Wool.”

In the gisaeng house, Gisaeng Cheon by using Cheong Jo, tried to distract Mr.Jo from his plan killing the noblemen who were in the house. This time didn’t work. He killed those noblemen. And when he was about to leave, Mr.Lee came in. Right that time, a gisaeng came out crying. The officers who check reported about three men were found dead.Mr.Lee revealed his founding about the death of 11 noblemen to Mr.Jo. This time Mr.Lee’s warning managed to make Mr.Jo was shaken a bit.


So while Mr.Jo was in the gisaeng house, Kang Chi and Geon were trying to sneak in to the inn. But they had to face some ninjas. Apparently, waiting was not also keeping Yeo Wool safe. A ninja attacked her and he managed to hurt her. As she feld further in, she saw how Kang Chi and Geon were busy fighting the ninjas. And an accident happened, an unexpected one. Kang Chi who wasn’t aware it was Yeo Wool who approached him, just attacked her spontaneously with his claws. The samurai went out and Geon handed him the message. Meanwhile Kang Chi, shocked and feeling sorry of what he had done to her hand, tried to heal her but failed. His blood didn’t work to heal her. No blue fireflies. It took Geon to stop him making larger wound on his hand.

Yeo Wool’s wound was treated. But no one and nothing could heal Kang Chi’s broken heart.

Knowing that his plan turned a mess, Mr.Jo was desperate. He finally ordered to finish Mr.Lee’s life.

In Mr.Dam’s house, Yeo Wool searched for Kang Chi. He was not in his room, nor in the kitchen. He turned out to be sitting alone outside, contemplating. When Yeo Wool came to him, she said her hand was okay and explained how the old master treated her wound well. Kang Chi said that to be frank he actually could not guarantee that he would not hurt her much worse next time. Yeo Wool realized that Kang Chi had heard about their complicated destiny, about one of them had to die if they didn’t break up. So it was Kang Chi who spit it out: “Let’s end it here (let’s break up).” Yeo Wool: “What do you mean by that?” Kang Chi: “That’s my third request, Yeo Wool.”


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  1. special episode for kang chi and yeo wool, i think….
    Thankyou~…. So fast ^o^

  2. Why couldnt kangchi wait till the current crisis is over before becoming human? He has been more or less accepted already so it would be a breeze after Jo dies if he stays at the training center for 100 days

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  8. Base on my on view in this episode, I am not satisfy on Wol Ryeong’s fate. Kang Chi’s life is full of missery. Why should that kind of fate happen to his family? I don’t like the scene where Wol Ryeong return to death.

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  11. Arigatoo gozaimasu for the quickest recap, only last 2episodes, Keep FIGHTING!!!^^ hiks hiks hiks poor WR & SH but in the same time, also happy for them =.=’ i hope a better happy ending for KC & YW. And of course wish other characters the best ending, including the worst for GW (>.:)

  12. Everybody we have just 2 episodes for final we must
    ulpoad video in this video you do like this:
    im amine from morocco i want saison number two of
    gu family book
    the name of this video (Gu Family Book saison 2)
    plz everyone share it im from morocco im not god in
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