Secret Garden Episode 8 Summary

Forget about “The Little Mermaid”, just enjoy your life now, if necessary, lets ruin this life, because this is not your life but Kim Joo Won’s life. From kissing lovely cousin until “lovely” signature, Gil Ra Im really know how to destroy Joo Won’s life. Watch out for Hyun Bin’s fan on this episode you’ll be surprised with him. I was quite amazed with his acting  in this drama, and I just realized that he had a very sweet smile, he even has a couple of dimples, he so cute. :mrgreen:

Hearing Oska not giving up Gil Ra Im, Yoon Seul went away with a disappointed face. Joo Won finally realized why Oska said it, it’s just to make Yoon Seul angry. Oska apologized to Kim Ra Im because he had used her for that reason. Oska asked Ra Im to help him make a revenge on Yoon Seul. Oska still loved Yoon Seul. Joo Won was surprised thst his cousin could be serious.

As a reply, Oska said he would help Ra Im  to know about Joo Won. Oska said that Joo Won was a traumatizing guy, Joo Won regarded “Little Mermaid” as the second best love story ever…Owowow …therefore he was obsessed in making Ra Im as his “little mermaid”. You’re definitely  insane, Kim Joo Won! X|

Oska said it would help Ra Im to avenge if Joo Won hurt her later. Oska said that to Kim Ra Im, but Gil Joo Won who then said “Fine, please help me.”

Gil Joo Won finally dropped the charges and Oska was set free. Outside the police station, Oska was still upset at Joo Won because he reported him as a car thief. Suddenly Oska grappled with Gil Joo Won, Gil Joo Won tried to pull away from Oska tickling.

The most embarrassing thing happen next. Oska’s lips accidently met Gil JooWon’s. Yups they kissed :lol: . Oska withdrew immediately and almost vomited. Gil Joo Won was smiling as after kissing her idol (indeed), but she forgot that it was Kim Joo Won’s lips. Kim Ra Im immediately approached her to wash his mouth, he was furious, he thought Ra Im was doing it on purpose.

Joo Won and Ra Im soon left the police station without Oska. They went back to the golf course to take Oska’s stuffs. (With the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene) Ra Im soon got out of the car and was angry at Joo Won for leaving Oska at the police station. Joo Won didn’t like to see Ra Im being very kind at Oska. He admitted he was jealous. He banned Ra Im to worry about Oska. But for Ra Im, Oska was a special person, her idol. Whenever she was tired after practice, or got injured after a stunt scene, or when she had to say “I’m Sorry”, even when her father died, Oska’s songs were the pain killer for her. Ra Im was grateful for their body swapped, because by being Joo Won she could help Oska directly. Joo Won didn’t like to hear that, he said “I’ll make you regret thinking that our body swap is a relief!”

(back to normal scene) Oska came in a police car. He immediately got angry at Gil Joo Won for leaving him, Kim Ra Im said that he was the one asking Gil Joo Won to leave Oska. Oska asked why Kim Ra Im could do that, Kim Ra Im replied “Because I really don’t like you, Choi Woo Yeong!”. Kim Ra Im  added that Oska was too old to be an idol, dared to steal his cousin’s car, and had a hair style that even his mother didn’t want have it. :lol:

Yoon Seul came when Kim Ra Im offended Chae Rin-Oska scandal (though who knows this scandal just Kim Joo Won), Oska gave Kim Ra Im a clue to immediately stop the conversation.

Yoon Seul invited them (Gil Joo Won, Kim Ra Im, and Oska) to  spend the night at the golf course because (of course) this place belonged to her family. Kim Ra Im rejected it, but Gil Joo Won accepted the offer (Ra Im wanted to revenge because Joo Won had already made her look bad in front of Oska).

Kim Ra Im even holding Yoon Seul’s hand. Kim Ra Im and Oska was angry to see that scene. Oska immediately pulled Yoon Seul hand and asked her to speak alone.

Joo Won asked Ra Im why she acted like that with Yoon Seul. Ra Im just said “I’ll make you regret you thought that our body swapping is a relief” Hohoho…

Oska asked Yoon Seul why she was intimate with Joo Won. Apparently she wanted to give lessons to him for “not letting off Gil Ra Im”. Oska confirmed that as a mere competition between cousins. Oska reminded that Joo Won already had Ra Im. Yoon Seul short answered “Take it easy, I’ve had experience with the players (she meant Oska).” Oska told Yoon Seul that Joo Won was not in love with her. Yoon Seul replied that she also didn’t love Joo Won, she only attracted with Joo Won’s status.

Actually, I was quite frustrated with their love story: Oska-Yoon Seul. They obviously still loved each other. They broke up only because there was a misunderstanding. Supposed they’re willing to talk about the matters peacefully, they would get back together. So far they were just wasting their energy trying to deny everything.

Yoon Seul met Kim Ra Im and straight forwardly asked her who actually she was intended: Choi Woo Yeong (Oska) or Kim Joo Won? Kim Ra Im replied firmly, “I’m sure that Kim Joo Won”. Seul Yoon warned Kim Ra Im to immediately stay away from Oska. Joo Won finally knew that Yoon Seul was not the same level with Gil Ra Im.

Gil Joo Won came, she started being intimate again with Yoon Seul. She held her cheek as she thought Yoon Seul was chilled. Seul Yoon also held Gil Joo Won’s cheeks in return. Kim Ra Im was angry to see that and asked them  to let go of their hands :lol: . Actually I didn’t understand why Ra Im was doing that, because I think her actions would be just disadvantageous for her and Yoon Seul would feel victorious.

At night, between Gil Joo Won and Yoon Seul seduced each other. Oska and Kim Ra Im was upset to hear their chatter. Oska looked at Gil Joo Won, and he remembered at the kiss. He dragged Gil Joo Won to the sauna, he said “We are going to go scrub, until we are the new born. Especially this part (he pointing at Gil Joo Won lips)!” :lol:

Yoon Seul also asked Kim Ra Im to go to the sauna, he initially refused, but his pervert side made him accepted that offer.

In the men room, Oska was confused. Kim Joo Won came wearing a towel like a woman. She even walked with a very sheepish way. Oska was annoyed because Gil Joo Won kept fiddle her lips, and it made Oska recalled the kiss. Oska stood,and Gil Joo Won was hysterical looking at him. Oska was even more proud of his “stuff”, and Gil Joo Won swoon. :lol:

In the female side, Yoon Seul boasted about her body. Her size was qualified for  Joo Won’s ideal size: 36-24-34. I thought Kim Ra Im was going to act a bit raunchy-nasty at Yoon Seul, but strangely, he said a perfect body like that would only lead to sex appeal. He even began to boast of his (Ra Im’s) body. Despite the short legs, he had muscle and it made him looked cool. That meant Joo Won like Ra Im’s body, even though her body wasn’t  36-24-34.

Joo Won met Ra Im who was still traumatized by the sauna tragedy. (With the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene). Ra Im said that it had to be nice for Joo Won for bathing with a woman (Yoon Seul) who had the ideal body: 36-24-34. Joo Won only answered he had already changed his ideal female body into  a woman who couldn’t go for the beauty contest (he meant Gil Ra Im). Ra Im replied “It’s not that I can’t, but I didn’t go out”. Joo Won replied “That’s right, because you’re dark and ugly” … hohoho .. They were so adorable … :o

Joo Won began to asked about her family. Ra Im said that her mother died soon after she was born. Her  father was a fireman. When she was 17 years old her father passed away when rescuing someone. Since then she lived alone as a very poor girl. Joo Won asked who supported her financially. Ra Im said from the state, and that meant it came from the tax that Joo Won paid. Joo Won then said something which I thought was very sweet “I should paid more, if I knew that I was raising you.”

Maybe they were deadly drunk the whole night because in the morning Gil Joo Won woke up on Yoon Seul’s bed and Kim Ra Im on Oska’s bed..hohoho… The situation was really awkward that they’re having breakfast in silence.
Manager Choi reported that Oska’s song (which was similar to the song of another singer) had been leaked on the internet, and because of that he would be exposed to charge of plagiarism. Oska immediately excused to leave and borrowed Joo Won’s car. Yoon Seul insisted on joining him because this issue also dealt with her career. Yoon Seul told Gil Joo Won to use her car.

Ra Im just knew if she got a chance for “Dark Blood” audition. Joo Won forbade her to go because she was the CEO of LOEL. Ra Im said Joo Won was then the one who should go, because Joo Won was a stuntwoman this time. She said she would teach and train him. He instantly refused, but Ra Im said she would do whatever she wanted in his company then.

Oska finally gave up driving with Yoon Seul. He still loved her, period. He couldn’t focus on his driving when Yoon Seul was beside him. He dropped her on the highway, and asked Joo Won to pick her up.

Oska came to Tae Sun. He assumed Tae Sun was the one who leaked his song to the internet because Tae Sun found his MP4 player in Jeju. Oska dragged Tae Sun into his office to meet Manager Choi. Tae-Sun said he didn’t do it. They called the police to ask for an investigation. They asked about the IP address that song was firstly uploaded. The result was telling that the address was in Gangnam, precisely in Yoon Seul’s office. Could it be Yoon Seul? :?

Kim Ra Im bought expensive clothes in LOEL. He wanted to look fancy and sexy with Ra Im’s body, and I thought it was his way to make his fantasies about Ra Im be real. He took his wallet on Gil Joo Won’s body. Paying by card. Gil Joo Won said she would not sign anything because the price of the clothes were very expensive and she didn’t want her body to wear those clothes. It didn’t matter at all. Kim Ra Im was the one who finally signed the bill in front of his employees.

The rumor soon spread. Director Park knew if the stunt woman was successfully imitating the president’s signature. He was upset because he had been practicing to imitate it for so many times, but yet hadn’t succeeded. He speculated that Gil Ra Im might be pregnant … waaaah :lol:

Joo Won bought clothes for the “Dark Blood” audition, that was the one and only the sparkling tracksuit. He bought it according to Ra Im size. He must have really liked that damn stuff :rolleyes: . Ra Im grumbled, she didn’t like her body wore that tacky clothes and that made both of them had the same clothes. She even cursed, “I will kill that Italian taylor” .. :lol:

After receiving reports from her spies, Joo Won’s mother called Ra Im to meet her. The mommy was getting upset because Joo Won’s voice who answered Ra Im’s phone.

They finally had a meeting. The mommy immediately commented on clothes that Kim Ra Im’s wearing: the blue sparkling tracksuit. She thought Joo Won and Ra Im had spent holiday together in Italy and bought the same suit as the couple thing… :lol:

The mommy gave Kim Ra Im money for immediately leaving his son. Kim Ra Im asked if she would pour water into his face if she refused to do that, like the mommy said at Joo Won’s house. Then  Kim Ra Im took a look at the amount of money and said, “Ough, you seem to be on a smaller scale than I thought. By the way, you’re going to pay it to me monthly?” :lol: . The mommy did almost pour water onto his face, but Kim Ra Im had pulled the glass first. I felt grateful that it wasn’t Gil Ra Im who met his mother, but Kim Ra Im instead. It made this drama absolutely non-typical (if you know what I mean).

Kim Ra Im asked if his mother often did this, giving money to other girls to send them away from his son. The mommy simply replied “You don’t think it’s happened before?”

The victim before Ra Im was Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun was Joo Won’s  best friend slash therapist, but his mother worried about their friendship getting into another level. Kim Ra Im  met  Ji Hyun as Gil Ra Im, and Ji Hyun knew Gil Ra Im as the girl who was taken to the hospital by Joo Won. Kim Ra Im told her that he was close to a wealthy man but his mother came to meet and gave him money. Ji Hyun said: “So you’ve met Joo Won’s mother?”

Kim Ra Im asking “What will happen if I keep going out with him?”

Ji Hyun said “You will feel like you are all alone in the world,” heh?Ji Hyun continued: “Do not go out with him, Joo Won will not protect you!” Ji Hyun said no reason for Joo Won to protect an ordinary girl like Ra Im and her.

Ouch,  I thought it was a hard “slap” for Joo Won.

Oska came to Yoon Seul’s office to confirm the IP address, but none was Yoon Seul’s. The employees said Yoon Seul would not enter the office for a couple of days.

At the office, Ra Im was confused because soon Joo won’s staff came to ask her to sign several projects’s approvals. When the staff came, including director Park, Gil  Joo Won greeted them with a formal language and offered them coffee. They were confused by their president who suddenly became friendly and polite.

Joo Won sent her a message for delaying the signing by saying “Is it the best? Are you sure about that? ” Joo Won always said those words to his subordinates.

Some projects had been signed by director Park because the president rarely came to the office. Gil Joo Won already apologized for troubling the staff. The staff increasingly puzzled by their President. Director Park didn’t want to lose the moment, so he asked to sign the Je Cheon project. But the secretary Kim gave Gil Joo Won a hint for the president himself signed it. Gil Joo Won eventually signed the project.

Outside the office, Director Park was shocked to see President’s signature. It was totally different from what he’d been trying to imitate. Kim Joo Won changed his signature to a very cute one. Thanks to Gil Ra Im, Joo Won’s signature  was then having a heart sign on it, a “lovely” signature. :lol:

Gil Ra Im saw a customer scolding an LOEL employee. It turned out that a sexual harassment had occurred. The bastard customer was harassing a female employees. Gil Joo Won was upset, so without any further thought she punched him.

Ah Yeong urgently looked for Kim Ra Im and told her how great her President was giving a lesson to a maniac customer, but then the president was taken to the police station. Kim Ra Im was shocked to hear that news and immediately ran to the police station. Kim Ra Im sent a text to the secretary Kim to contact lawyer Park soon. Secretary Kim was confused for receiving a message from his boss while his boss was actually on his side that very moment. He told Gil Joo Won if he had already contacted the lawyer. Poor the clumsy Secretary Kim… he had to be really confuse.

Finally Kim Ra Im met Gil Joo Won at police station. Joo Won was really mad at Ra Im: How Ra Im could do such a stupid thing (punched VIP customer). Joo Won said she should report to police, check the surveillance camera video and then sued the customer. Joo Won said Ra Im had not changed a bit, he angrily said “You never think about me even 5 minutes”. Joo Won said he prohibited a lawyer to came to release her. He wanted Ra Im to be responsible and felt sorry for having his life in trouble, he said: “Reflect deeply on what you have done.”

Joo Won left. It was raining outside and then something weird (if not magical) happened: a blue veil surrounded Kim Ra Im and suddenly… Gil Ra Im was back! At the police station, Gil Joo Won who was writing a file was “attacked” by blue veils and suddenly .. Kim Joo Won was back!

Ra Im immediately went inside to see Joo Won, they looked at each other. They’re so happy to be back to normal. Yay! :D

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