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Jin Se Yeon Shows Her Young Spirit on Elle Girl

In the middle the tight schedule filming her drama “Bridal Mask” (각시탈), our heroine, Jin Se Yeon celebrated the summer through pictorial for “Elle Girl” magazine. Quite different from her character on drama, as passionately  freedom fighter, Mok Dan a.k.a Puni , in this pictorial Jin Se Yeon shows her real personalities. She looks so […]

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Gavy NJ Sings “After The Sun” for “Bridal Mask” Soundtrack Part.3

KBS’s high budget drama, “Bridal Mask” released more soundtracks, after UlalaSession and 4Man, this time female singer Gavy Nj was trusted to sing “After The Sun” for soundtrack par.3. The song was released on July 12 as the episode 14 running. The song sounds touching and Gavy’s voice makes this song more emotional. This song […]

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4Men For “Bridal Mask” (Gaksital) Soundtrack Part.2

4Men (Yeong Jae, Shin Yong Jae, Kim Won Joo) finally come back to drama project, after singing for “Secret Garden” soundtrack in 2010. This time these three guys sing “I Couldn’t” (안되겠더라) for high budget drama “Bridal Mask” (Gaksital). No doubt for their voices on this powerful song. “I Couldn’t” is not too different from […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 1 Quick Summary

It’s started with the funeral parade of a Japanese higher officer. The parade was disturbed by some protests. Then came this officer, ordering the people by force to bow down to the late Japanese higher. But suddenly there’s a girl who threw a stone and it hit the photograph of the late man. The officer […]

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Pictures from “Bridal Mask” (각시탈) Press Conference

Finally, high budget drama “Bridal Mask” (각시탈) ready to airing next week, on May 30. Then for anticipating that day, today (May 23rd) was held press conference for that drama. The whole casts appeared on that event, Shin Hyun Joon, Park Gi Woong, Han Chae Ah, Jin Se Yeon, and of course included Joo Won, […]

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Joo Won’s Cold Expressions For “Gaksital” (각시탈)

Stills from KBS’s new drama “Gaksital” (각시탈) revealed to public. The hero, Lee Kang To (Joo Won) appeared with expressionless face. And i think to be expressionless is not hard at all for Joo Won’s cold face. As the hero Lee Kang To was ready to throw his fist to fight the bad guys. Since […]

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Joo Won Learns Martial Arts For His Role in “Bridal Mask”

As the 10 million dollar investment KBS’ new drama “Bridal Mask” (각시탈) is ready to start their production, Joo Won has to start learning  martial arts for real. He’s gonna play the 1930’s super hero who always puts on the bridal mask on his action. Joo Won definitely needs to mastering martial arts to support his […]

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Photos from Bridal Mask’s Reading Session

as Rizz had written that on February 3rd was held first reading script for “Bridal Mask”, and these the photos from that event, the whole actors attented.  On KBS Annex, with 10 million won budget, this most anticipated KBS drama begin their production. The protagonist and antagonist roles from “Bridal Mask” gathered for the first […]

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Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon for “Bridal Mask” (각시탈) Are Confirmed!

Oh it’s very good news that the anticipated KBS’ new sageuk-fantasy drama has settled its two leading roles, and actually other roles as well. The lucky actress to play alongside Joo Won as the main casts in this drama is the rookie heroine from SBS’ drama “My Daughter, Flower.” With the wrapping up of casting […]