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“Bridal Mask” : The Brotherhood Behind The Revenges

On September 1st, Park Ki Woong through his twitter account uploaded the comical picture  from his recent drama “Bridal Mask” set. Park Ki Woong posed with his best partner, Joo Won. They both showed the “V” sign so adorably,  and with those legs,  i think this pic was too cute, they’re just like kids. As […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 16 Quick Summary

The tense was high in Gaksital episode 16. As KAng To and Shonji were facing each other…as arch villains? Shonji:”You. You’re, right? Gaksital.” Kang To: “I’m worry about Mok Dan.” Shonji: “Why you worried about this woman? You’re just Gaksital!” KAng To: “I love this woman.” Shonji: “What you’re saying? Say it again.” Kang To: […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 15 Quick Summary

Kang To was begging Dam SAri to tell him where Mok Dan was. Shonji was shock about the fact that KAng To knew Mok Dan’s childhood name.He instantly connect him with Mok DAn’s dagger and then to Gaksital. This hypothesis was very hard to believe for him. Gaksital was the man who killed his brother, […]

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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 1 Quick Summary

It’s started with the funeral parade of a Japanese higher officer. The parade was disturbed by some protests. Then came this officer, ordering the people by force to bow down to the late Japanese higher. But suddenly there’s a girl who threw a stone and it hit the photograph of the late man. The officer […]

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Photos from Bridal Mask’s Reading Session

as Rizz had written that on February 3rd was held first reading script for “Bridal Mask”, and these the photos from that event, the whole actors attented.  On KBS Annex, with 10 million won budget, this most anticipated KBS drama begin their production. The protagonist and antagonist roles from “Bridal Mask” gathered for the first […]