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49 Days Episode 4 Summary

Ji Hyun made it to the balcony before Min Ho entered her room. She hung on the edge and eventually leaped until her feet twisted. Inside, Min Ho was busy looking for the seal. But Ji Hyun’s mother arrived before he managed to find the seal. Ji Hyun’s mother sent him to immediately go back […]

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Navi for 49 Days’s Soundtrack part.2

I think “49 Days” is getting interesting that I can’t even guess the ending. Too much mystery and too complicated, but because of that I can wait to watch this drama every week. I like Jo Hyun Jae in this drama, sometimes he looks cool but sometimes so sweet…hohoho..and of course the Scheduler, Jung Il […]

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Jung Il Woo : the Heavy Hair Scheduler

Our childish scheduler, Jung Il Woo, become cooler. With a gothic look, Jung Il Woo show himself up for “Single” photo shoot. He’s wearing black outfit, smokey eyes, skull ring, emmmm …with red shoes? But the most attracting is his hair style. I think the hair looked like a Roman army helmet because i don’t […]

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Lee Yo Won’s Birthday Party on 49 Days Location

On April 9th (4/9), at “49 Days” location, Lee Yo Won (as Song Yi Kyung and also Sin Ji Hyun) celebrated her birthday with all the crew include her co-worker, Jo Hyun Jae. A simple birthday party on the coffee shop where Yi Kyung work at midnight. That day, she already 32 years old… wow!!! […]

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Jo Hyun Jae’s Good Shape

Frankly, I didn’t put more intention for Jo Hyun Jae, I like his acting, that’s it. but lately after watching “49 Days” for some episodes (or after he discharged from army), it’s impossible to ignore him. he absolutely hot..trust me!!! Because i think it turned out that military service can increase your charm. Seeing this […]

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49 Days Episode 3 Summary

Villains revealed their real intention. Disappointed indeed, but take it easy, there’s always a new hope. Because of the report from a bell boy, Ji Hyun was nearly caught by Min Ho, luckily she went hurryly to the elevator. Ji Hyun was still unstable, her body was still shaking. But when he went back to […]

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Brotherhood on “49 Days” Location

“49 Days” official site released photos from shooting location. Here they are: Ooh … These photos are so cute, Bae Soo Bin and Jo Hyun Jae. They look very sweet get along together. I like when Bae Soo Bin relied on Jo Hyun Jae, it’s so funny. This photo was taken when they were taking […]

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49 Days Episode 2 Summary

Sorry for the delay,  it was my bad. Ji Hyun (in Yi Kyung’s body) was very happy after a successful come back “alive”, but she soon realized that the body she borrowed was really pathetic. There were bruises on her face, dirty, and dingy. The cramped apartment was also messy and dirty. And the worse […]

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49 Days’s Soundtrack part.1

I start to enjoy this drama, it’s quite interesting. And this is my favorite soundtrack from “49 Days”: I Can’t Let Go of You (잊을 만도 한데) by Seo Yeong Eun. I thought this song suits Song Yi Kyung’s character. I was deeply touched at the scene when Yi Kyung was squatting on the side […]

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