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Celebrities Attended Go Soo’s Wedding

Like other celebrity’s weddings, the wedding itself becomes more like a red carpet party where many other celebrities came. I’m just going to post some of them here and I’ve picked the most interesting ones in my opinion. I don’t know if the dress code was “Black” for real, or most people just came up […]

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Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Goo Soo and more Together on In Style

Recently the BH entertainment’s family members, Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Bae Soo Bin, Han Chae Yeong, Go Soo, Jin Goo and others captured in one frame. The stars gathered in one place it was rarely happened, yups…because this is for special moment, this photo shoot is to celebrate their CEO Son Suk Woo’s […]

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Bae Soo Bin-The Cutie Puppy

Do you still remember with these photos? and now Bae Soo Bin doing the same thing, this time with Lee Yo Won…hohoho…Bae Soo Bin looks so cute, his expression looks like a puppy when he’s leaning on  Lee Yo Won and when he’s teasing her. Actually he’s just a mischievous kid… That’s why I can’t […]

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49 Days Episode 4 Summary

Ji Hyun made it to the balcony before Min Ho entered her room. She hung on the edge and eventually leaped until her feet twisted. Inside, Min Ho was busy looking for the seal. But Ji Hyun’s mother arrived before he managed to find the seal. Ji Hyun’s mother sent him to immediately go back […]

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49 Days Episode 3 Summary

Villains revealed their real intention. Disappointed indeed, but take it easy, there’s always a new hope. Because of the report from a bell boy, Ji Hyun was nearly caught by Min Ho, luckily she went hurryly to the elevator. Ji Hyun was still unstable, her body was still shaking. But when he went back to […]

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Brotherhood on “49 Days” Location

“49 Days” official site released photos from shooting location. Here they are: Ooh … These photos are so cute, Bae Soo Bin and Jo Hyun Jae. They look very sweet get along together. I like when Bae Soo Bin relied on Jo Hyun Jae, it’s so funny. This photo was taken when they were taking […]

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49 Days Episode 2 Summary

Sorry for the delay,  it was my bad. Ji Hyun (in Yi Kyung’s body) was very happy after a successful come back “alive”, but she soon realized that the body she borrowed was really pathetic. There were bruises on her face, dirty, and dingy. The cramped apartment was also messy and dirty. And the worse […]

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49 Days Episode 1 Summary

After “Secret Garden” and took a looooooooooong vacation (anyway, thanks Rizz), finally I decided to make another SBS drama summary. I chose “49 Days”, actually, there is no drama that’s airing right now which I’m willing to watch, but I will give a scope for “49 Days”. This is a fantasy melodrama about second life […]