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The Stars In Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jeong’s Wedding

Most of the guests in Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jeong’s wedding are all Korean superstars. Of course, as the couple are also superstars! Named it Jang Dong Gun-Go So Yeong couple, Yeon Jeong Hoon-Han Ga In couple, Jeong Joon Ho-Lee Ha Jeong couple, Kwon Sang Woo-Son Tae Yeong couple, Song Seung Heon, Kim […]


Han Hyo Joo Blooming With Roses on Vogue Girl

Han Hyo Joo appears as cover story on Vogue Girl for March issue. She poses among the roses special for 11th anniversary Vogue Girl. She looks different in spring collection, with outfits that quite unique and sophisticated plus provocative make up. She becomes the mysterious modern fairy. [info and images source]

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Go Soo Looks Dashing as Fire Fighter on “Bandage”

The stills of Go Soo as the stiff fire fighter, Kang Il, for up-coming romantic movie “Bandage” (반창꼬) or “Love 911” revealed to the public. In uniform Go Soo looks so dashing try to conquer the fire, and even though his face looks dirty his handsome face still there. “Bandage” is a romantic movie about […]

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The Beautiful Still from Romantic Movie “Bandage” (반창꼬)

One more still from up-coming romantic movie “Bandage” (반창꼬) or “Love 911” revealed to the public. The main actors show up together, Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo, they are sitting on the bus. I think this is so sweet, i can feel their chemistry just through this still, the love is in the air. […]

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Han Hyo Joo Shows Her Mysterious Beauty for Vogue

Han Hyo Joo gets classic through her latest pictorial on Vogue magazine for September issue. On the classic vibe, with those dresess, the hair style, and make up, she transformed in to the duchess. As the noble lady she showed the cold mysterious expression, but her beauty still undeniable. Actually her dresses are modification from […]

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Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo Team Up Again for “Black Yak”

Even though the weather still crazily hot these days, for anticipating the fall and winter, pictorial from outdoor brand Black Yak for the 2012 fall and winter collection already revealed.  The couple ambassador, Jo In Sung-Han Hyo Joo, still trusted to perform the collection. As always, the photoshoot took place on Himalaya. With friendly atmosphere, […]


Jo In Sung – Han Hyo Joo, Filming CF Together on Nepal

Recently Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo went dating on high place, is that true??? Yes, it’s true, they were on high place, Himalaya, Nepal, but wasn’t for a date. As we know before that Jo In Sung is the Black Yak’s ambassador, last year he went to Himayala alone, but this year he has a partner, […]

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Lee Byung Hun’s Charisma on Stills of The King of Chosun

The next historical movie “King of Chosun” which planned to be released this year, on February 28th published the first stills. The pictures show the main character, the King Kwang Hae (Lee Byung Hun ), the most dramatic King on Joseon era. On that picture above, Lee Byung Hun managed to show his charisma as […]

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Han Hyo Joo-Go Soo Will Team Up on New Romantic Movie

After success with her heartbreaking movie “Only You” along side with So Ji Sub, Han Hyo Joo continues to act on new mellow movie with another hot guy, Go Soo.  They both will play on movie from Aeja‘s director, Jeong Gi Hoon, title “Bandage” (반창꼬) . Go Soo’s character as a firefighter, after his wife […]

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