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More from Jo In Sung’s Discharged Ceremony

Frankly inappropriate for me if I only wrote that very short article about Jo In Sung’s discharged from military, so after successfully reduced my emotions, I decided to make longer version. Yay! finally he’s back. At 10.00 a.m on May 4th, awaited by 400 fans, Jo In Sung attended the discharged ceremony for him and […]

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Jo In Sung Officially Discharged from Military

Brightly-lovely-morning, and more brightly for me since today (May 4th), the lovely Jo In Sung is discharged from Air Force. Actually, I’m still speechless…his smile…i think i’m gonna have a heart attack if i see it anylonger.gaaaahh oh god, thanks for creating him [info and images source]

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Counting Hours for Jo In Sung

Just counting the hours before Jo In Sung is discharged from the Air Force. He will officially complete his military service at 10.00 a.m on May 4th. After along wait of 25 months, finally his fans can see their idol again. Reportedly, Jo In Sung’s agency, Sidus HQ, have prepared the events for his fans […]

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Jo In Seong be Discharged on May and His Waiting List Project

Actually, the most anticipated thing I’m waiting for on this May is Jo In Sung’s discharge from military service. He started his duties on April 2009 and was planed to be discharged from Air Force on May 4th…yay! I’m counting few more days. After discharging from the Army, Jo In Seong has had an awaited […]

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