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Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo Team Up Again for “Black Yak”

Even though the weather still crazily hot these days, for anticipating the fall and winter, pictorial from outdoor brand Black Yak for the 2012 fall and winter collection already revealed.  The couple ambassador, Jo In Sung-Han Hyo Joo, still trusted to perform the collection. As always, the photoshoot took place on Himalaya. With friendly atmosphere, […]

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Jo In Sung Shows “Love” Through Kim C’s MV

Jo In Sung stars on Kim C’s newest MV “Love”. “Love” is a song from Kim C’s latest album, Priority, that was released on March. Jo In Sung decided to appear in this MV because he has a special relationship with Kim C. I love this MV, just a simple clip, but so juicy for […]


Jo In Sung – Han Hyo Joo, Filming CF Together on Nepal

Recently Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo went dating on high place, is that true??? Yes, it’s true, they were on high place, Himalaya, Nepal, but wasn’t for a date. As we know before that Jo In Sung is the Black Yak’s ambassador, last year he went to Himayala alone, but this year he has a partner, […]

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Jo In Sung is Too Pretty for 1st LOOK

Actually i don’t like actor with pretty face but there’s an exception for  Jo In Sung. He is one of a few pretty guys that i love. Oh yeah  i adore him not because of his face,but it’s after seeing his great acting on “What Happened in Bali”  i just felt in love with him. […]


Jo In Sung Becomes Flower Boy for GQ Korea

Actually i don’t like the photoshoot concept since i never like pretty boy, and these photos are not my favorite, but this time I just want to share them because he’s Jo In Sung! Jo In Sung is transformed into a flower boy (also literally). He looks pretty, young and innocent for this spring. Maybe […]

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Jo In Sung’s New Movie “Kwon Bob” Planned to Filming on April-May

It’s already confirm that Jo In Sung will likely to appear in a new movie, “Kwon Bob” directed by Park Kwang Hyeon. This CJ E&M movie has as high investment as 18 million dollar. The contract matter is almost done, but they can’t make sure yet about the exact time of the production start. They […]

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Alongside Kang Dong Won for Doomsday

Hai guys, welcome to our new house, fuuuh…actually the moving things was so exhausted, thanks Rizz for your hard work! And i hope  you all like our new house’s apparance, little bit serious indeed with that color, it’s maybe because we are getting old? Absolutely not! as i always said to Rizz, “We are always-twenty […]

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Lee Seung Gi for Ha Ji Won on “The King”?

On January 19th, one of Lee Seung Gi’s staff leaked the information  that Lee Seung Gi will team up with Ha Ji Won on “The King”. Ouch..are you kidding? This kid even not in my possible-actors-for-Ha Ji Won-list , after Won Bin, Jo In Sung, then Cha Seung Won, how could they have this idea […]

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Ha Ji Won-Cha Seung Won Rumored Will be Together on “The King”?

On January 9th, the day before  Ha Ji Won’s agency  confirmed about the role for Ha Ji Won on “The King”, through his me2day account, Cha Seung Won gave some clues about his next drama project.   Then on January 10 spread rumors that recently Cha Seung Won reviewing script of “The King” carefully, and […]

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