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“Five Fingers” Poked By Plagiarism Issue

After kicked out Ham Eun Jung form the casts list, there’s more controversy buzzing from SBS’s on-going drama “Five Fingers”. This drama accused of plagiarizing of novel “Murder Rhapsody”. This issue popped up after one blogger revealed so many similliar things occured between “Five Fingers” and “Murder Rhapsody”, such as characters, the story line, and […]

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Joo Ji Hoon Conquers Fashion Magazines for August

For anticipating his comeback on entertainment industry through his drama “Five Fingers” and movie “I Am The King” that will be released on August, Joo Ji Hoon appears on –not only one but two– different fashion magazines, GQ and Haper’s Bazaar for August issue. For both magazines, Joo Ji Hoon looks simple and modest. The […]

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“I Am The King” When Joo Ji Hun Gets Comical

Another comedy movie will be released this summer, Joo Ji Hun’s comeback project “I Am The King”. The poster and the trailer already released, and the movie ready released on August. From the poster I’m getting convinced that this movie inspired  by Mark Twain’s masterpiece “The Prince and the Pauper”, because the poster is not […]

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Will Joo Ji Hoon Come Back Soon To Small Screen???

Joo Ji Hoon has already wrapped up the filming process of his sageuk movie “I Am The King” that will be released on August. And now reportedly, there is his name on SBS’s up-coming drama “Five Fingers” casts list. But actually there’s still a long road to the confirmation, the pre-production process is still on […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s Comeback Project Will Be Musical

Actually Joo Ji Hoon is still on duty,  but through his agency “Keyeast Entertainment” on November 17th his comeback project was officially announced. He began the military duty on February 2010 and will be discharged from military this year on November 21st. Pretty different with other actors who are after being discharged from military they […]