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Five Fingers Episode 1 Summary

The story started with a famous pianist, Yoo Ji Ho was having an amazing battle performance with his little brother, Yoo In Ha. Their fingers were fast and their piano performance awed all the audience. But then the scene moved to Yoo mansion, where their mother, Chae Yeong Rang, was ready for a private dinner […]

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New SBS Weekend Drama “Five Fingers” Press Conference

Joo Ji Hoon’s fans everywhere must be so excited welcoming him again on small screen through drama “Five Fingers“. Following up “Gentleman’s Dignity” which had finished last week with a nice happy ending, SBS new weekend drama “Five Fingers” is ready for its first broadcast this Saturday, August 18. And today, August 16, the official […]

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Joo Ji Hoon Conquers Fashion Magazines for August

For anticipating his comeback on entertainment industry through his drama “Five Fingers” and movie “I Am The King” that will be released on August, Joo Ji Hoon appears on –not only one but two– different fashion magazines, GQ and Haper’s Bazaar for August issue. For both magazines, Joo Ji Hoon looks simple and modest. The […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s Comeback Drama “Five Fingers” Revealed Teasers

After 5 years of “break” finally this summer, Joo Ji Hoon, officially comes back on small screen. This week his SBS up-coming drama “Five Fingers” unveiled the teasers. On “Five Fingers” he has got role as the genius pianist with absolute pitch. The drama tells about his journey to become the world professional pianist. On […]

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“I Am The King” When Joo Ji Hun Gets Comical

Another comedy movie will be released this summer, Joo Ji Hun’s comeback project “I Am The King”. The poster and the trailer already released, and the movie ready released on August. From the poster I’m getting convinced that this movie inspired  by Mark Twain’s masterpiece “The Prince and the Pauper”, because the poster is not […]

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Will Joo Ji Hoon Come Back Soon To Small Screen???

Joo Ji Hoon has already wrapped up the filming process of his sageuk movie “I Am The King” that will be released on August. And now reportedly, there is his name on SBS’s up-coming drama “Five Fingers” casts list. But actually there’s still a long road to the confirmation, the pre-production process is still on […]

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Joo Ji Hoon Back To Screen Through Sageuk Movie “I Am The King”

After he failed to joined on musical “Doctor Zhivago” due to his health, finally Joo Ji Hoon decided to come back on  big screen soon. On January 19th, The Keyeast  (Ji Hoon’ agency) annouced that after taking a rest to recover his health finally on January 18th, Joo Ji Hoon agreed to come back. He […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s First Fans Meeting after Discharged

As his promise, finally on November 27th Joo Ji Hoon held the fans meeting. The 2000 fans came to see and meet him after almost two years in military. Joo Ji Hoon looked so happy on that event, he felt blessed because he has the loyal fans like them. On military he learned about many […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s Comeback Project Will Be Musical

Actually Joo Ji Hoon is still on duty,  but through his agency “Keyeast Entertainment” on November 17th his comeback project was officially announced. He began the military duty on February 2010 and will be discharged from military this year on November 21st. Pretty different with other actors who are after being discharged from military they […]

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