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The Chemistry Between Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

I was tickled when I saw this picture. I want to tease our new couple, yups..on drama Shin and Kyu Won has already lovers, but it would make me more pleased if they, Park Shin Hye-Jung Yong Hwa, become the real couple in real life. From those pictures i can see the sparkling gaze between […]

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Jung Yong Hwa-Park Shin Hye, Fallen in Love only for Drama?

I know publicly Yong Hwa and Shin Hye said their relationship is only a friendship. They have a very nice friendship, until in their current drama I can feel their sweet chemistry as a couple. But are you sure there’s no chance for you both to become lovers in real life, not only for “Heartstrings”? […]

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You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 4 Summary

Episode 4 started with Shin who ordered Kyu Won to buy him a coffee, morning at campus. I think Shin enjoyed two things here: having Kyu Won as his “slave” and knowing her as an acquintance –if he didn’t want to say it as a friend. Kyu Won reluctantly bought the coffee for Shin and […]

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You’ve Fallen For Me Episode (Heartstrings) 3 Summary

Shin made that touching performance recalling all the things happened in his life recently. His one-sided love with Professor Yoon Soo, his meeting with his father, and his new acquintance with Kyu Won. After the show, Kyu Won told him about the reflection essay. Shin refused to do it, saying, “You just write yours. And […]

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You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 2 Summary

You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartsrings) has a very good youth spirit. I like this drama for its humane characters and good musics. I think the first two episodes have left a good impression on the viewers. Last episode ended with Shin held Kyu Won’s hand to avoid her hitting him. His emotion was provoked too, […]

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OST You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) – Part 1

When I first heard the full soundtrack sung by Yong Hwa, I straightly thought of CNBLUE. Not that Yong Hwa is the CNBLUE’s vocalist, but the music is very CNBLUE. I put this song along with “Love Girl” and “Lie” in my playlist, both are from their recent album First Step, and I found a […]

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You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 1 Summary

You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) have finally started airing last week. I was so excited. I was curious about Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk’s acting, and thankfully found them undisappointing. While Park Shin Hye…she’s always been my one of my favourite young actresses along with after Moon Geun Yeong. Her plus point is always her […]

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“You’ve Fallen For Me” Released Posters

One of the most anticipated dramas on MBC “You’ve Fallen For Me” (Heartstrings) released posters on June 22. Not only one, but three different posters in three different themes. I really like seeing these posters so cheerful and colourful, i can feel their (the roles) youth spirit. First poster appearing Jung Yong Hwa and Park […]

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Park Shin Hye’s Tears for “You’ve Fallen For Me” Teaser

From “Tree of Heaven” I know that Park Shin Hye has been too easy to drain her tears. On her new drama “You’ve Fallen For Me’ it seems that she also will be pouring a lot of tears. Actually I don’t like melodrama which make me dehydration, but i think I’ll try to watch this […]

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