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Jung Yong Hwa’s Love for Older Woman

Calm down girls, it only happens in his new drama “Heartstrings” (You’ve Fallen For Me) . But, I think it doesn’t matter if he loves an older woman on real life, right??? because age is only number.. On Heartstrings, Lee Shin Yeok (played by Jung Yong Hwa) has one side love affair with his pretty and […]

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The Cute Couple from “Heartstrings” (You’ve Fallen For Me)

Actually I wanted to write more articles about “Heartstrings” but due to my activities I always miss the news about this drama, so please forgive for my delay. Since “You’re Beautiful” didn’t make them happy ending together, actually i felt quite upset, but now in “You’ve Fallen For Me”(넌 내게 반했어)  or “Heartstrings” and after […]

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CNBLUE become “Stupid” on Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen For Me)

Apparently Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk have to put aside CNBlue for a while for the sake of Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen For Me), because in this drama they also become bandmates, but no longer as CNBlue members. Their new band is named “Stupid”..what a stupid name I think.. Of course they both will […]

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Jung Yong Hwa-Park Shin Hye, Together on “You’ve Fallen For Me”

“You’ve Fallen For Me” or was known “Festival” eventually started filming. The two main characters, Jung Yong Hwa and Park Sin Hye, look sitting facing on each other at a class room. On May 16, filming took place on Seoul Woman’s University. This drama tells about art students’ love story. I’m quite excited with this […]

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Jeong Yong Hwa for The Suit House Model

CN Blue has been busy promoting their new album, First Step, but Jeong Yong Hwa has another busyness off stage, that’s his new drama “You’ve Fallen For Me” (넌 내게 반했어) or known as “Festival“. Apparently Jeong Yong Hwa is also busy doing photoshoot for “The Suit House”, a male clothing brand, where he’s wearing […]

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A Real Copy or Just Looked a Like?

Sometimes I am fooled by the appearance of several Korean celebrities who share the same face. They don’t have any blood relationship, but yet look so much a like as if they’re twins! And that’s what makes me wonder … Sometimes I joke to Rizz saying that their plastic surgeons are probably the same, so […]

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