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Kim Sun Ah: Shocking Pink Bikini for a Dying Woman

The first time I saw this photo I was giggling, not because there’s something funny in this Kim Sun Ah’s photo. It’s because I have a photo of me exactly like this from my holiday last year, even the pose, the hair, the glasses, the hat and the shocking pink…it’s so weird. Maybe my head […]

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More Stills from Kim Sun Ah-Lee Dong Wook In Okinawa

As we know before that “Scent of Woman” has begun overseas filming in Okinawa. It seems that the Okinawa scenes are mostly for our couple, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook. And these photos of them while filming in Okinawa. Kim Sun Ah looks prettier here, Lee Dong Wook is more dashing since he […]

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The Ladies from “Scent of Woman”

This time, Kim Sun Ah get Seo Hyo Rim as her rival for her new drama “Scent of Woman”. These women will be fighting to get Lee Dong Wook. Seo Hyo Rim plays as Lee Dong Wook’s fiancee, while Kim Sun Ah plays as woman he loved. As a rival, of course their relationship is […]

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Everything for “Scent of Woman”

I don’t know why i always missed news update about SBS new drama “Scent of Woman”. And for all my delay i’ll try to pay it back all at once in a full information. A day after Lee Dong Wook discharged from military service, on June 21 he straightly did a photoshoot with Kim Sun […]

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Lee Dong Wook Discharged from Military Service

On June 20 at Yongsan’s Public Relation Defence Office, after one year and 10 months doing his duty as a good citizen on millitary service, finally Lee Dong Wook wrapped it. His fans were waiting for him since early in the morning. On his speech, he said that he was very enthusiastic looking for his […]

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Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook’s 2011 New Drama

Kim Sun Ah is back to drama again after failing to take apart on “I Am Legend” (2010). On May 11, it’s announched that she will play on a romantic drama titled “Scent of a Woman”. On the “Scent of a Woman” she will act along side with Lee Dong Wook who’s until now still […]

Kim Sun Ah (김선아)

Kim Sun Ah (김선아)

She’s willing to raise her weight until 15 kilograms, and her efforts brought a successful to drama “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” (2005). Always appeared as a cheerful and brave woman in every movie or drama that she played, maybe that’s what made a deep impression for her fans. She has even given a […]

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