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BIG Episode 16 Quick Summary (Final)

Here we are finally in BIG final episode. It may be luring and seems to be brightly clear reaching the end…the writers chose “surprise”. But what kind of surprise, just wait a little while The episode starts with Da Ran declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring […]

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BIG Episode 2 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran insisted Gyeong Joon to go back to the hospital to let the doctor explain what happened to him. But Gyeong Joon had his own way, simpler one, to explain to Da Ran how his soul was switched with Yoon Jae’s. He used robot toys with glasses to illustrate how it all happened. […]

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BIG Episode 1 Quick Summary

Big Episode 1 started with a girl who was running with a bouquet to someone’s wedding. She’s the florist delivery girl Gil Da Ran. Apparently the bride was her old friend and all her girl friends were there. She’s the only one who wasn’t invited to the wedding. But Da Ran didn’t take it a big […]