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From “My Princess” Set

Song Seung Heon Revealed pictures from “My Princess” location. Song Seung Heon appeared with his co-star Kim Tae Hee, an adorable couple. In addition, there are a few photos that show he enjoyed the winter on the set, like hang out with a snowman. In “My Princess”, Song Seun Heon’s role is as Park Hae […]

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“My Princess”: Cinderella and Prince Charming?

Another photo release of the most anticipated MBC drama “My Princess”. After wearing an elaborate hanbok, Kim Tae Hee appeared with the European-royal-style. This time she is not alone, but together with her co-star, Song Seung Heon. Seeing these photos like seeing a  fairy tale cover book. They look like Cinderella and prince charming. Actually […]

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“Love and Soul” (“Ghost”) the Legendary Pose

The remake of 1990’s Hollywood movie “Ghost” ranked two in Japanese Box Office. Well, I never that interested in watching a remake, but the curousity is high up. SoI think i’ll make time to watch thise movie. Anyway, I just browsed around when I saw this picture. Without a full consciousness that i was seeing […]

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Screening for “Invincible”

First time I saw this photo (above), I was not really concern about their movie. Instead, I was imagining what would’ve it felt if I had been there standing between Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Heon Because there was a little space between them in that picture, so I guess it would’ve felt like […]

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The Invincible’s Poster and Teaser

Remake from “A Better Tomorrow,” “The Invincible” which will debut on September, released its official poster and teaser, and of course, Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Heon looks really cool. Although not a mob-movie-lovers, I intend to watch this movie, because its Joo Jin Mo ! Okay Rizz?! [>>Rizz: Okay!! never thought Joo Jin […]

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South Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs

Jang Dong Gun has always been the Hottest actor in the century! When Jang Dong Gun’s charm will end? Certainly not in the near time. The proof is he was put at the first rank of a list of “Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs” according by CNN’s Asian CNNGO website (posted July 2 2010). On […]

Song Seung Heon (송승헌)

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Song Seung Heon (송승헌)

In 2010 this handsome actor in would be very busy with two movies projects, they are “Love and Soul”, which is a remake of “Ghost”, and “The Invincible” which is a remake of “A Better Tomorrow” (Hongkong movie). He took viewers attention through his impressive acting in “Autumn’s Tale”(2000) and I think it’s more than […]

“Love And Soul”, the “Ghost” Asian Version

In addition to splashy remake of “Invincible” from Hong Kong, Korea will also be busy with the remake of the Hollywood movie titled “Ghost”, who had a successful romantic movie starred by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. 20 years after the success of that movie, a remake of an Asian version will be made this […]

“The Invincible”, Song Seung Heon’s next project


“The Invincible”, Song Seung Heon’s next project

This Movie is a remake of “A Better Tomorrow” Hong Kong movie starred Chow Yun-Fat. According to the producer, even though this is a remake project, this movie will be different. A movie with a budget of up to 100milliar won is a collaboration among South Korean, Hong Kong and Japanese producers companies. In addition […]

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