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Kim Tae Hee and Rain Are Dating, Confirmed, but…

The new year and the new couple revealed! On January 1st, the photos of Rain (Bi) and Kim Tae Hee spread on internet. The couple looked enjoying the night together. Since this morning, those photos caused a riot on Korean entertainment even beat off the buzzing of Girls Generation’s new album. Finally, tonight Kim Tae […]

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Rain in Military: 1st Briefing

On October 13th today an online community board has become a buzz among netizen for posting Rain’s 1st briefing on military. He looked very eye catching among other trainees…oh, look at that posture!   He looked so stern and very serious. He seemed to be ready for serving his country for the next 21 months. […]

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Rain: Good Bye and Good Luck

Today, October 11, Rain (Bi) is officially enlisted on military. A little bit rushy schedule indeed, his latest movie, “Soar: Close To The Sun” even hasn’t been released, but as a good citizen he must obey the duty calling. Jung Ji Hoon (Rain’s real name) will be in the military for two years. The day […]

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Rain From “Soar: Close to The Sun” Jet

Besides for study, maybe another reasons why Rain postponed his military service until next year is because he wants to show us that he’s playing on a Jet plane and enjoying the air force as pleasure before as his duties for real (if he choose air force for his duty). He’s so excited about this […]

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“Red Scarf” Become “Soar: Close To The Sun”

Rain new (remake) movie, “Red Scarf” changes title to “Soar: Close To The Sun”(비상(飛上): 태양가까이),and for me the new title sounds cooler than before, suited the  movie theme which is about life, passion, and dreams a fighter pilot. This movie tells about Jung Tae Hun’s life (played by Rain) as an Air Force Pilot. In […]

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Rain Started the Red scarf

After his enlistment on Army was postponed, Rain (Bi) continues his new movie project “Red Scarf”. Actually this is a military-themed movie, Rain’s role is as an air force pilot. This picture was taken when he was on the jet plane, the F-15K. And I think filming this movie is also a practice for him […]

Rain is Going for Military Service on September

So many great actors and singers are going to serve in military this year. Letting go Hyun Bi really really soon is quite sad, and many fans are maybe unwilling to let go of Rain, too. After a long postpone, he finally enlisted in Military Service on September this year. Well, for me personally, I’m […]

Rain and His Curly Hair

Some girls say Rain’s new hairstyle is cute, but I say it’s ridiculous.Sorry, but I just don’t see it fit him well. Some others say he looks a lot younger…well, I think I have to agree with this one. He does look younger with that curly hair, but to look cute is just not his […]

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Why “Fugitive: Plan B” is a Flop?

Firstly, so sorry if thousands of Rain’s fans out there disagree with me, but I think it’s a fact. KBS’s current drama “Fugitive: Plan B” is a flop. Prior its broadcast, the promotion was quite tempting. Having famous casts like Rain, Lee Na Yeong, Daniel Henney, Lee Jeong Jin and Yoon Jin Seo seemed to […]

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