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The Old ID Photos of The Most Handsome Actors Revealed

Recently the ID photos of the most handsome actors surfaced on internet, they are Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Jo In Sung, and Kang Dong Won.  these photos made before they debut as actors, they all look young and innocent. Not too different from their current faces, today they just look more mature. These photos […]


Won Bin Show Off His Charisma as Biotherm Homme’s Ambassador

The cosmetic brand for male, Biotherm Homme, chose Won Bin as the new ambassador. Won Bin will begin his duty on January 2013, but the ads has already been made. On these simple black and white photos, Won Bin’s face just so perfect and flawless, his shape looks sexy, his gaze makes me melting.  The […]

Won Bin: Ajeossi, What Happened With Your Hair???

maybe only Won Bin, the actor who necessary gives big effort to maintain the popularity. He never appears on small screen for decade, and for big screen even his movies always makes big hit. He’s always humble, quiet, and rarely be seen. He doesn’t like to be under the spotlight. But thank god you can still […]


Won Bin Shows His Mysterious Charm On Chris.Christy’s Winter Collection

Won Bin is just so charming and  perfect wearing Chris.Christy’s winter collection.I admit that i’m officially dying after looking these pics. He puts on a simple coat and knit, with the gloomy colors, he becomes so serious and mysterious, as always. He brings the concept “Away We Go” for this pictorial, The pictorial described  the man […]


Won Bin Appears for Chris.Christy’s Fall Collection

Chris.Christy’s 2012 Fall Campaign featuring Won Bin. The teaser photos unveiled, show Won Bin with his mellow face, since this autumn campaign title “Another Emotional”. The photographer, Hong Jang Hyun, was able to catch the emotions from Won Bin, and created this beautiful and luxurious pictorial. Won Bin looked very sensitive and fragile here, but […]


Won Bin Is Back To Small Screen Soon Co-Stars Kim Tae Hee?

Won Bin is making a small screen comeback after 13 years? That can be true. The news that spread said that currently Won Bin has been reviewing the scenario of a drama collaboration project of director Kim Gyu Tae and writer Noh Hee Kyeong (their collaboration filmography such as “Padam Padam” and “World Within”). They […]

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Won Bin’s New Partner for Basic House

Too bad for Moon Geun Yeong’s fans because Moon Geun Yeong must end her contract with “Basic House” this year. Maybe she’s just too busy this year for finishing her study. And it means there is a new partner for Won Bin. They chose the new rising actress: Kang So Ra (The Woman of Our […]


Won Bin, Weird Hairstyle and Charity on L’officiel Hommes

On February 23rd, Won Bin was on Fiji. He took a photoshoot for fashion male magazine L’officiel Hommes that will be published in France. Won Bin is the first Korean celebrity to be the cover of  L’officiel Hommes magazine France. He was on Mana island, this island is so beautiful, and set as one of […]

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Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere (아저씨) Will Remake on Hollywood

On March 9th Deadline revealed that there’s a possibility that the most successful 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajeossi” (아저씨) will be remade on Hollywood version. Deadline also mention that  Shawn Christensen (script writer from Abduction) who will be in-charge on this project under Dimension Films. He will adapt the original script for […]

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