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Ji Jin Hee, the Hot and Adorable Ajeossi for High Cut

Before “Take Care of Us, Captain”  I was used to seeing him on traditional hanbok, that’s why on that drama it feels weird seeing him on monkey suit. On January 25th when High Cut published his recent photos i just realized that Ji Jin Hee has different side which has yet to be revealed. For […]

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“Take Care of Us, Captain” Shows The Main Characters Together

On December 13th, after completing filming in Australia, the lead actors of SBS new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”, Ji Jin Hee and Goo Hye Seon, appeared together on the set, a studio which transformed into a plane and  they also wear the pilot uniform. They talked about their involvement in this drama. Besides […]

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Ji Jin Hee on Pilot Uniforms

Finally our Captain is wearing the uniforms! After the transformation of becoming a photographer in Australia, now Ji Jin Hee is ready to fly. In his new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain!” he will play as a pilot, Kim Yoon Seong,  alongside Goo Hye Seon, as Han Da Jin, his junior and also his […]

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Ji Jin Hee Becomes a Photographer in Australia

Back to the present day, the King from “Dong Yi”, Ji Jin Hee transformed into a photographer. He looked so confident behind the lens . I always love good-looking photographer. Actually he doesn’t really become photographer. This is for his role in new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”. This filming took place in Australia […]

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Goo Hye Seon Becomes A Pilot on Her New Drama

Her drama “The Musical” hasn’t ended yet, but Goo Hye Seon has been ready for the next drama project “Take Care of Us, Captain”. On November 17th they held the first shooting for her role as Han Da Jin, a US graduate pilot.Fiuuuh…i wonder where her energy comes from? She looks like never get tired, […]