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Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere (아저씨) Will Remake on Hollywood

On March 9th Deadline revealed that there’s a possibility that the most successful 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajeossi” (아저씨) will be remade on Hollywood version. Deadline also mention that  Shawn Christensen (script writer from Abduction) who will be in-charge on this project under Dimension Films. He will adapt the original script for […]

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Won Bin and Ha Ji Won The Most Wanted Actor/Actress

One of movie site held a poll on December 23rd-29th by asking “If you are a director, who is the actor /actress you’d select to play in your movies on 2011?” For the actor, with 4891 respondents, the result (as has been I guess) is the one and only my-honey-sweety-ajeossi, Won Bin. He’s getting a […]


Another Award for Won Bin “Ajeossi”

Year 2010 does belong to Won Bin! Through “The Man From Nowhere” he got a lot of awards. The latest one was from the 8th South Korean Movie Award (November 18th) where he received an award as the best actor. Won Bin knew exactly what to do in his career. His popularity never dimmed, though […]

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Won Bin “Ajeossi” at the 15th PIFF Opening Ceremony

On Oct. 7, The Pusan International Film Festival was officially started by holding a star-showered opening ceremony. The PIFF will be held from 7 until 15 October. Many celebrities attended the event, but my attention was caught mostly by Won Bin. Yups .. my “Ajeossi” attended the event. He looked handsome, law of nature indeed  […]


“Another One” Won Bin’s Photoshoot

This time he posed for High Cut Magazine, titled “Another One”. Ouch .. ouch .. Ajeossi how dare you! Why you look so cool?! For some reason, every day Won Bin is seen fresher and younger, whereas in these photos he just wore a simple white shirt. I love his face when he wears glasses, […]


“The Man From Nowhere” Press Confrence

I hate Won Bin’s outfit when he attended “The Man From Nowhere” press confrence, held yesterday (July 8 2010) at Seoul Apgujeong-dong CGV. However, I like that he’s back to this haircut. Won Bin didn’t smile alot during the confrence, maybe they wanted to start building Tae Shik’s expresionless image on him as early as […]


Won Bin (원빈)

For me, he is the sexiest man alive and absolutely many girls agree with me…(Okay Rizz?!) –Rizz: body, yes, face still Jang Dong Gun, hehe— His popularity never declined, although he’s not too often appear on television. His last performance was as long ago as 2002 in the drama “Friends”, but loyal viewers and fans […]