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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 15 Quick Summary

After Jae Hee’s sudden decision of Eun Gi’s promotion, she met Ma Ru outside the meeting room. She asked how Ma Ru’s feeling after what he made her to do. “I’m happy with it,”said Ma Ru casually and quite content. She couldn’t believe that Ma Ru could use her abusive brother to threaten her. Ma […]

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Yoo Seung Ho Is Warning His Appearance on “I Miss You”

Yoo Seung Ho is no longer the little So Ji Sub, look at these pics! you already grown up my boy…i cann’t believe you’re still only 19 years old. On October 30, MBC’s most anticipated drama “I Miss You” (보고싶다) unveiled the stills of the second guy, Kang Hyun Jung.  After becoming the quirky god […]

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The Classic Looks for Posters from “King of Drama”

On October 30, the most anticipated drama from SBS, “King of Drama” (드라마의 제왕) unveiled the posters to the public. Both posters bring the classic vibe through the wardrobe of the main characters, the ambitious producer, Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min), the rookie script writer Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryeo Won), the playful top star […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 14 Quick Summary

Ma Ru found Eun Gi was sleeping on a bench outside the hospital. When he’s about to bring her back inside, Eun Gi asked who was he. She threw Ma Ru’s coat and then left.”What’s wrong with you, really?” demanded Ma Ru. “Please move away,” Eun Gi shrugged him away and left. Eun Gi kind of […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 13 Quick Summary

Nice Guy this episode started with Kang Ma Ru was having a shower and Eun Gi was happily cooking. Ma Ru wrote on the mirror: Happy, then erase it but with a smile on his face. Eun Gi remembered what her doctor told her to be brave if she wanted her memories to come back. […]

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Yoo Seung Ho Positive To Become Second Man on “I Miss You” (보고싶다)

Finally Chun Jung Myung dropped the offer, because on October 22 it has been confirmed that the role as Kang Hyung Joon, the rival of Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun), turned to the baby boy, Yoo Seung Ho. Frankly, i still feel weird with this casts, triangle love between  Park Yoo Chun-Yoon Eun Hye-Yoo […]

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Mellodrama “I Miss You” (보고싶다) Released The First Teaser

“Arang And Magistrate” has ended with very sweet ending, and “I Miss You”(보고싶다) ready to hold the baton of time-slot, before official airing as Wednesday-Thursday drama on MBC the teaser released to public for anticipation. The video shows most of the teenage couple moment, when their  love was blooming. At a glance i think as […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 12 Quick Summary

Eun Gi was practicing her speech with Ma Ru’s guide through the phone. In her room she had a board of many people’s profiles  to remember.And she left the house together with Ma Ru. And then the scene was back to the time when Eun Gi made a sudden comeback to Taesan Group. Not only […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 11 Quick Summary

Nice Guy Episode 11 started with the scene when Ma Ru was trying to find Eun Gi who was kidnapped by Jae Hee’s brother. Thanks to Lady Secretary who put on a tracking system in Eun Gi mobile, Ma Ru was able to catch them up and stopped Jae Hee’s brother. After fighting Jae Hee’s […]