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“I Miss You” (보고싶다) Unveiled Stills of The Mellow Couple

On October 16th, MBC’s up-coming melodrama “I Miss You” (보고싶다) shows off the main couple, Lee Soo Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) and Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun). On this drama, they are lovers but have to go through a terrible separation when they were fifteen. As mature people they meet again, but actually still […]

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Chun Jung Myung Is Still Considering for Second Man on “I Miss You”

A couple a days ago, there was a news that announced Chun Jung Myung already confirmed his role on MBC up-coming drama “I Miss You”. But actually, his agency gave more information, until now the actor  is still considering for the role as the second leading male, Kang Hyung Joon who will be involved on […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 10 Summary

Ma Ru couldn’t say anything when Eun Gi asked him if they used to love each other. The secretary lady who was panicking looking for Eun Gi here and there finally found her and Ma Ru in front of the wall. Ma ru brought Eun Gi to his house. Eun Gi was so confidence she had been […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 9 Quick Summary

This episode of Nice Guy is sad, very sad. I’m warning you if you haven’t watched. It started with Ma Ru and Eun Gi were sitting on the beach and were having conversation we heard at the end of previous episode. Ma Ru then asked since when Eun Gi knew about him and Jae Hee’s […]

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Jung Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won from “King Of Drama” Set

Jung Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won captured together for SBS’ new drama “The King Of Drama”. Not only when the camera on but also during the break, Jung Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won look friendly. The crew admitted that they both become so close during the filming, because of that they managed to create […]

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Yoon Eun Hye Follows Park Yoo Chun for “I Miss You” (보고싶다)

Finally MBC’s up-coming melodrama “I Miss You” has locked the main couple. On October 9th the official announced that they already got Yoon Eun Hye’s signature on the paper.  In the end of this year the actress who’s recently busy as the producer of the short movie “Knitting” decided to comeback to the small screen […]

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Baek Jin Hee Joins “Jeon Woo Chi” (전우치) Cast List

The casting process still on going for KBS’s up-coming drama “Jeon Woo Chi” (전우치), On October 4th the official confirmed that they already put Baek Jin Hee on the list. Baek Jin Hee will play as, Lee Hye Ryung, the little sister of Jeon Woo Chi (Cha Tae Hyun). Baek Jin Hee  became popular through […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 8 Quick Summary

Episode 8 of Nice Guy started with the last scene we saw on the previous episode. Eun Gi was making a confession to Ma Ru under the rain, meanwhile Han Jae Hee who was going to visit Ma Ru could only watch from a distance. Jae Hee just left what she brought for Ma Ru on […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 7 Quick Summary

Ma Ru was calling someone with Jae Gil’s phone. He was asking to meet that person related to Jae Hee. And then we found out that the person behind the coincident discovery of framed-picture was actually Secretary Ahn. It’s his idea to let Eun Gi know about Jae Hee and Ma Ru’s past. When Ma […]