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Korea (코리아) Published Special Posters

After released on May 3rd, the sport movie that based on historical moment “Korea” (코리아), on May 8th released special posters. The farewell-posters just showed the main characters, Hyun Jung Hwa (Ha Ji Won) and Lee Bun Hee (Bae Doo Na), but  these posters managed to represent  more emotions. They started with prejudice, but then […]

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Kang Ji Hwan Shows His D-Line on “Detective Cha” Teaser Poster

Do you remember this?? About the reunion project of Hong Gil Dong’s couple, Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yoo Ri, “Detective Cha”(차형사) . The teaser poster of this comedy movie has been released. Yeah..it seems the filming finished and the movie is ready to be released on May. The poster really caught my attention. First […]

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Bae Doo Na and Ha Ji Won’s Sophisticated Fashion

On April 16th at Yongsan CGV was held special media preview event for “Korea” (코리아). Before this, on press conference event the casts wore the official athlete uniforms. That day the whole casts looked very fashionable, especially the main casts, Bae Doo Na and Ha Ji Won. First time i saw Bae Doo Na appearance, […]

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Ha Ji Won-Bae Doo Na on Character Posters from “Korea” (코리아)

Other posters from new movie “Korea” (코리아) unveiled. Each poster shows the main characters, Hyun Jung Hwa (Ha Ji Won) and  Lee Bun Hee (Bae Doo Na).  Hyun Jung Hwa looked passionate seen on her eyes, while North Korean left handed athlete Lee Bun Hee looked really confident, they both ready for the gold medals. […]

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“Korea” Released Main Poster and More Trailer Videos

Before being released on May 3rd, new movie “Korea” unvealed more teasers and main poster. “Korea” is based on true story telling about historical moment not only for South Korea but also North, because on 1991 for the first time the two brothers who are  hostile, must get rid of their quarrel for a while […]

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Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na Ready for Table Tennis Championship on May

Finally, the most anticipated movie “Korea” (코리아) ready to be released on May. On April 4th at CGV Apgujung they held the press conference of the movie. Besides the actors, Ha Ji Won, Bae Doo Na, Park Cheol Min, Lee Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri, and more, the real main character of this movie, Korean […]

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The Posters from “All About My Wife”

New movie “All About My Wife” (내 아내의 모든 것) released more posters. Im Soo Jung who plays as the center point appeared more bold and as  a housewife she posed in the kitchen. But she looks so sexy with red mini dress. Her cute and innocent face became wild with her naughty smile. In […]

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Ha Ji Won-Bae Doo Na’s Movie “Korea” (코리아) Will Be Released on May

Finally there’s a further information about sport movie that based on true story “Korea” (코리아). This movie will be officially released on May. This movie reveals about the story behind the international table tennis championship on 1991 at Chiba (Japan) which unite the two ‘brothers’, South Korea and North Korea, in an international event. Their […]

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Won Bin’s The Man From Nowhere (아저씨) Will Remake on Hollywood

On March 9th Deadline revealed that there’s a possibility that the most successful 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere” or “Ajeossi” (아저씨) will be remade on Hollywood version. Deadline also mention that  Shawn Christensen (script writer from Abduction) who will be in-charge on this project under Dimension Films. He will adapt the original script for […]