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Baek Ji Yeong Sings “Spring Rain” for Gu Family Book

For this spring the OST Queen, Baek Ji Yeong, brings two good things. Last week she announced that she will marry her younger boyfriend, Jung Suk Won in June. Then this week she showcase her voice for soundtrack of Number 1 Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book”. Baek Ji Yeong sings ballad song “Spring Rain”, this […]

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Baek Ji Yeong Comeback With Ballad “I Hate It” Featuring Yiruma

Sorry if its too late, but it’s too perfect to be missed. My favorite female singer, Baek Ji Yeong, comes back with ballad song for this winter, “I Hate It” (싫다). The song was released on early January. No doubt for her voice, once again, she sings with heart. This beautiful song sounds more melodious […]

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Lee Jun Ki for OST Arang and Magistrate

I’ve been always in a dilemma every Wednesday and Thursday of which drama I should watch. Arang and Magistrate has reached episode 13-14 this week and the story is getting more and more interesting. Ahh too bad I cannot watch it live because I decided to make the quick summary for “Nice Guy”. And these […]

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Baek Ji Yeong for “Arang and Magistrate” Soundtrack Part 4

Baek Ji Yeong’s voice is back todramaland, this time she sings for “Arang and Magistrate” soundtrack, titled “Love and Love”. This ballad song is love theme for the couple, the ghost Arang (Shin Min Ah) and the magistrate Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki). “Love and Love” sounds harmonious and beautiful. Once again, as the queen […]

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My Sorrow Playlist: Baek Ji Yeong’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet”

Maybe just because of the weather or the moon that has been so close with the earth these days, my emotion gets upside down and my heart feeling unwell and sorrow. It’s been almost a week that in my head lingers  Baek Ji Yeong’s song “Like Being Hit By A Bullet” (총 맞은 것처럼). To […]

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Baek Ji Yeong and ALi for “Rooftop Prince” Soundtrack Part 1

“Rooftop Prince” brings two divas for their original soundtrack part.1. First  Baek Ji Yeong who sings ballad, titled “After A Long Time” (한참 지나서). This song is so beautiful since she sings “After A Long Time” with pouring emotions. No doubt for her strong voice, she is the queen of original soundtracks. Seriously, sometimes I […]

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Secret Garden Concert Review

Finally, in January 16th Secret Garden wrapped up the 20 episodes, after  holding a successful concert in the previous day, January 15th. The event was held for two hours and stood as the host of the show was Kim Seong Oh (the hilarious Secretary Kim). Hyun Bin was on his promise. He came with the […]

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“Secret Garden” Soundtrack part 2

After “That Woman” (그여자), Baek Ji Yeong sings “That Man”(그남자) for “Secret Garden” OST. Actually, “That Man” is almost the same as “That Woman” but there is a little difference in the lyrics, just replace “Woman” with “Man”. In addition, Kim Bum Soo is singing “Appear” (나타다). This song is usually used as the closing […]

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“Secret Garden” Soundtrack part 1

Baek Ji Yeong singing “That Woman” (그여자) for the soundtrack of “Secret Garden”, this song is special to love story soundtrack for Kim Joo Won-Gil Ra Im. It’s a beautiful song and very romantic. Seeing this mv makes me falling in love with this couple (Ha Ji Won-Hyun Bin), they look very sweet. MV: [video […]