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Baby Jang Makes Dad Very Happy

The baby was born on October 4th, but his parents, Jang Dong Gun- Go So Yeong, are not yet giving any name for this baby. On October 9th, Jang Dong Gun who attended PIFF and promote the “Warriors Way”, his latest Hollywood movie, still had time to talk about his new born baby. He said […]


Baby Boy for Jang Dong Gun-Go So Yeong

Finally, on October 4, Go So Yeong gave birth to a baby boy … The baby was born around at 4:00 am, weight 3.23 kg and in a good healthy, as was his mother. And that’s just a complete happiness for this couple. During the process, Jang Dong Gun always accompanied his wife, really ideal […]

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Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Drops from Their next Project

Son Ye Jin decided to withdraw from the production of “My Way” because of many changes taking place in terms of story and character that she would be played. Finally, because the feeling is different from what she expected at the beginning so she decided to drop from that production. After Son Ye Jin canceled […]

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South Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs

Jang Dong Gun has always been the Hottest actor in the century! When Jang Dong Gun’s charm will end? Certainly not in the near time. The proof is he was put at the first rank of a list of “Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs” according by CNN’s Asian CNNGO website (posted July 2 2010). On […]


Go So Yeong (고소영)

If only she weren’t Jang Dong Gun’s wife, I would not be aware of her … so sorry Frankly, I didn’t follow her dramas or movies, but I admit this woman is sexy. her acting quality was quite good and she had got a good number of awards, one of them through the movie “A […]


Jang Dong Gun for President

Yeah, of course it only happened in the 2009 movie “Good Morning President.” He became Korean Commander in Chief after his predecessor as well as his mentor, President Kim Jeong Ho, retired. The movie is about the life of 3 Korean Presidents: the old Kim Jeong Ho (Lee Soon Jae) who won a national lottery […]

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Stars at “My Dear Desperado” premiere

Well, I don’t know what is so special about this movie, “My Dear Desperado“. I watched the trailer and was interested, but didn’t really understand why there were so many top-list Korean celebrities attended the movie premiere. However, I found out that most of them were invited by the leading actor, Park Joong Hoon. Celebrities […]

“My Way” to Jang Dong Gun

[image source] Marriage doesn’t make Jang Dong Gun thinks about retiring from acting. He is even more hard-working. This 38 year old man, a soon to be father, will be busy with his new movie project, “My Way”, which formerly known as “D-Day”. The movie itself scheduled to start filming this October. The movie is […]

Jang Dong Gun (장동건)

[image source] [image source] He is one of the sexiest men alive and broke so many hearts by marrying actress Go So Yeong last May 2010. His wedding was just like a red carpet gala! Around 500 guests were invited and many of them were famous Korean celebrities. The couple is expecting a baby now. […]

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