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Jang Dong Gun Fascinated by Kim Ha Neul on “Gentleman’s Dignity”

To be released on May 26th, SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Gentleman’s Dignity” unveiled more stills from the couple scene. at convenience store Jang Dong Gun secretly staring at Kim Ha Neul, he looked curious with the pretty woman beside him, maybe it was called as love at the first sight, he caught under her charm. […]

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Kim Ha Heul’s Stills From “Gentlemen’s Dignity”

After the gentlemen begin their brotherhood, now the main heroine on “Gentlemen’s Dignity”, Kim Ha Neul, showed the charisma as the high school ethics teacher, Yi Soo. These are photos for her first filming on April 8th. Kim Ha Neul looked impressive and pretty, especially with that blue jacket. As the teacher and mature figure, […]

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Photos from “Gentlemen’s Dignity” Filming Process

The new drama from SBS, “Gentlemen’s Dignity” begin filming this month. This drama becomes the most anticipated one after the spring-dramas-war because it’s a big fat content: the actors and the writer. The writer, Kim Eun Suk (Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, Lover in Paris), managed to make Jang Dong Gun agreed to came […]

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Jang Dong Gun-Kim Ha Neul Positive for “Gentleman Dignity” on May

Finally, on February 8th reportedly that Kim Ha Neul confirmed to join on “Gentleman’s Dignity”. Whoaaa…this drama will be the big fat drama project for 2012, because it’ll be starred by top actors like Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul, and also the great writer Kim Eun Suk. For Kim Ha Neul actually this […]

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Kim Ha Neul for “Gentleman’s Dignity”?

Kim Ha Neul will be Jang Dong Gun’s co-worker  on “Gentleman’s Dignity”? wow it would be great! As i know from this year, these stars are under the same management, AM Entertainment. Actually, this hasn’t confirmed yet, but reportedly that Kim Ha Neul is under the review of the script, she still considers the offer. […]


Jang Dong Gun’s Come Back on Drama through “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on May 2012

On January 31, today, Jang Dong Gun’s agency released an official statement that Jang Dong Gun is positive to take the leading role in SBS’s upcoming drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” This drama is a work of Secret Garden’s writer Kim Eun Seok. People, especially Jang Dong Gun’s fans, highly anticipate this drama because it’s gonna […]

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Jang Dong Gun on “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, Confirmed!

Remember this???…then it’s confirmed. yay!!! On December 5th, official from SBS announced that Jang Dong Gun was sure of his involvement as the leading man on Kim Eun Suk’s new drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. Jang Dong Gun has agreed to continue the casting process and begin negotiations with official, especially the writer, Kim Eun Suk. […]

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Poster from Jang Dong Gun’s War Movie “My Way”

This trans boundary movie is planned to be released on December 22nd,so recently  “My Way” released the main poster. Since it’s a war movie, the poster shows the war atmosphere, the leading roles, Jang Dong Gun and Jo Odagiri on the foreground. But this movie does not only talk about world war II. The main […]

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Jang Dong Gun-Jo Odagiri on GQ Japan for “My Way”

The leading roles from “My Way” Jang Dong Gun and Jo Odagiri become the cover story on GQ magazine Japan for January 2012 issue. They’re facing each other with different expressions. Jang Dong Gun  looks wise and Jo Odagiri looks like a bad boy, but they both look sexy , as always. “My Way” starred […]

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