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Protect The Boss Episode 13 Summary

Eun Seol accidently saw the board directors’ instruction of what to say if the prosecutors ask about illegal funding. Chairman Cha came in when Secretary Jang was trying to convince Eun Seol that she had to forget what she just had seen. Chairman Cha asked Eun Seol what happened with her troubled expression. Eun Seol […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 12 Summary

After settling her matters with Moo Won, Eun Seol didn’t feel relieve. She looked very sad. But then she found Ji Heon standing on the stairs asking if she had cleared things out with Moo Won. Eun Seol just nodded. Ji Heon then asked her to drop the transfer application. The next thing he asked […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 11 Summary

As we know in the previous episode at the ending, Moo Won suddenly appeared when Ji Heon was talking about going to Eun Seol’s environment. Ji Heon responded to Moo Won quickly, “You’re commiting a foul. Don’t just cut in and talk things out.” Moo Won and Ji Heon then argued who had to leave […]

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Brian Joo for Protect The Boss Soundtrack Part.8

I love the Brian Joo’s voice as I love the most amusing drama for this year “Protect The Boss”. His lovely voice sing “Can’t Go” (못가요) for soundtrack part.8 on ballad toned makes this song so nice to be listened to. And maybe this is the last part from soundtrack series of this drama, so […]

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Chuseok Spirit from Protect The Boss Location

The Chuseok holiday! It’s a kind  of Korean Thanksgiving. And for this special holiday, Protect The Boss’s casts made unique greeting for the fans. On September 11, they released photos from the location. The casts, appeared with songpyeon on their hand, most of them feeding that traditional cake to Chairman Cha (Park Yeong Gyu), the […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 10 Summary

Eun Seol was going to refuse Moo Won when he asked her for a date. But Moo Won kept persuading Eun Seol in many ways. “Let’s not call it a date. Let’s just hang out together.” And Eun Seol finally gave up. They went out together. Meanwhile at the coffee shop, Ji Heon was having […]

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Protect The Boss Adds Two Episodes

I don’t know this a good news ora bad news. On September 9th, Protect The Boss’s official announced that they will be extend this drama by adding two more episode. This drama was originally planned only going to be 16 episodes, but after the drama feels quite successful it will be lengthen to 18 episodes. […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 9 Summary

Eun Seol let go of Ji Heon’s kiss. She got more confuse. Even when Ji Heon said that her pulse rate higher than usual, she kept saying she’s not sure. She wondered why she could let go of her senses and fall for her boss and get clumsily honest with the person she had fallen […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 8 Summary

Ji Heon naively thought that Eun Seol was a kind of super(hero)woman, because she’s gonna come everytime he called her name. Ji Heon approached Eun seol and hugged her. But Eun Seol was just too tired and too angry that night after all day running on heels that she hurt her foot and also almost […]