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Celebrities Attended Go Soo’s Wedding

Like other celebrity’s weddings, the wedding itself becomes more like a red carpet party where many other celebrities came. I’m just going to post some of them here and I’ve picked the most interesting ones in my opinion. I don’t know if the dress code was “Black” for real, or most people just came up […]

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Ji Sung Joins Kim Ah Joong for “My P.S Partner”

Finally, Ji Sung confirmed to be Kim Ah Joong’s partner on new romantic comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. Kim Ah Joong is back on big screen after six years. She gained success with her latest movie “200 Pounds Beauty”  alongside with Joo Jin Mo on 2006 . And next  she will be pairing with Ji […]

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The Winners From 2011 SBS Drama Awards

I know that i’m late posting this article, but please forgive me, actually it’s still holiday for me. Like other giant broadcasters, MBC and KBS, SBS, in the same time with KBS, on December 31th also held the 2011 Drama  Awards. So, to be fair, I decided to make a report of that event, too. […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 18 Summary (Final)

What Ji Heon just did was causing another chaotic situation in the company. But he took Eun Seol for an escape. He tried to fix his relationship with her. Eun Seol said he should say it all wasn’t true about her as the informant and now still dating him. “I WAS dating you. It should […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 17 Summary

After hearing the horn Ji Heon ran back to Eun Seol. “You’re not okay, aren’t you?” asked Ji Heon opening the door. She’s trying to flee, but Ji Heon managed to persuade her to got off the truck to argue. Ji Heon said that he regretted it all, about their break up, that he couldn’t […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 16 Summary

The heartbreaking words by Ji Heon in the previous episode of Protect The Boss made me hesitate to continue watching this episode. But like I said before, I have to get through it to make it to the end, just like Eun Seol and Ji Heon. Two more episodes to the final…Oohh, keep fighting everyone! […]

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The Happiness from “Protect The Boss”

Whoaaa..finally “Protect The Boss” ended on episode 18, and thank God, happiness for the couples (oops..spoiler here ) Why do we really love “Protect the Boss”? Well it’s actually not a long explanation, BUT for those who haven’t watch the drama, you better start watching it to find out the answer. I guarantee you will […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 15 Summary

Protect The Boss Episode 15 started backwards to the night before the prosecutors stormed into the office to investigate all the company’s document. Ji Heon  finally found out the reason from his father after a little push. Chairman Cha said, “I couldn’t do it cleanly. Secretary Noh found out about it and leaked the information.” […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 14

Oh I don’t really like this episode…the illegal business scandal is quite tiring. But thankfully, oh we probably only get it in this drama, we still have small things that bring big smile in our faces and even a small laughter. We’re going to Na Yoon and Moo Won first. After Na Yoon let out […]