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What Happened, Ji Yeon?

The rumors spread quickly, before her debut in T-ara, Ji Yeon committed on a sexual video chatting. The video that’s featuring a girl who looked like her spreads on the internet. T-Ara’s management and Ji Yeon’s family have done clarification that the girl in the video wasn’t Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon herself is still in […]

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A Real Copy or Just Looked a Like?

Sometimes I am fooled by the appearance of several Korean celebrities who share the same face. They don’t have any blood relationship, but yet look so much a like as if they’re twins! And that’s what makes me wonder … Sometimes I joke to Rizz saying that their plastic surgeons are probably the same, so […]

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T-Ara’s Profile

The six girls look as cute as pussy cats in “Bo Peep Bo Peep” video clip. This girl band consists of, Eun Jeong, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon, Bo Ram, Q-ri (Kyu Ri), and So Yeon. They have successfully released an album titled ” Absolute First Album” in 2009 and” Breaking Heart ” in 2010. Their […]