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Trailer of “IRIS 2” Showed Off on 2012 KBS Drama Award

For it’s high budget action-drama, “IRIS2” (아이리스Ⅱ) KBS gave time slot for the casts to open the 2012 KBS drama award 2nd part that held on 31 December, 2012. The casts, Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Beom Soo, and Im Soo Hyang, opened that event with their own way, they introduced their roles through […]

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“IRIS 2” Unveiled The Charismatic Official Poster

The most anticipated drama from KBS for early next year “IRIS 2” gives progress, on December 26th, the main poster already revealed to public. The poster shows almost the line up characters, they look bold and charismatic with their expressions and Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae  as the center point, Even though the drama […]

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“IRIS 2” Already Locked Casts and Crew for Next Year

It seems that Taewon Entertainment really serious for the sequel project of IRIS. They already have signed papers from the top actors and actresses on their casts list. For main characters, they got the best duet, after “Robber” and “Chuno”, once again Jang Hyuk and Lee De Hae agreed to reunite on “IRIS 2”. And […]

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Kim Min Jong And Yoon Jin Yi Become the Adorable Couple for Highcut

“Gentleman’s Dignity” has over with very sweet ending, and recently one of the couples from that drama, Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi,  appeared on newest edition of Highcut. Kim Min Jeong plays as Choi Yoon in that drama, a widower lawyer who is the best friend of  Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro), […]

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1: Quick Glance

It’s very nice to watch Jang Dong Gun on small screen again through Gentleman’s Dignity after more than 10 years of waiting! Can’t believe it the last time I saw him on drama was on “All About Eve” with Chae Rim. And it’s good that finally a romantic comedy drama for the weekend after all […]

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The Gentlemen Parade on “Gentleman’s Dignity” Press Conference

Yesterday, the gentlemen got together and wearing the neat and luxury suit, they were Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro, and Lee Jong Hyuk. these gorgeous ajeossi-deul, being together like this just because one lady, Kim Eun Suk. Yeah..finally, Kim Eun Suk’s new drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” ready to airing this weekend (first […]

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Jang Dong Gun Fascinated by Kim Ha Neul on “Gentleman’s Dignity”

To be released on May 26th, SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Gentleman’s Dignity” unveiled more stills from the couple scene. at convenience store Jang Dong Gun secretly staring at Kim Ha Neul, he looked curious with the pretty woman beside him, maybe it was called as love at the first sight, he caught under her charm. […]

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Kim Ha Heul’s Stills From “Gentlemen’s Dignity”

After the gentlemen begin their brotherhood, now the main heroine on “Gentlemen’s Dignity”, Kim Ha Neul, showed the charisma as the high school ethics teacher, Yi Soo. These are photos for her first filming on April 8th. Kim Ha Neul looked impressive and pretty, especially with that blue jacket. As the teacher and mature figure, […]

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Photos from “Gentlemen’s Dignity” Filming Process

The new drama from SBS, “Gentlemen’s Dignity” begin filming this month. This drama becomes the most anticipated one after the spring-dramas-war because it’s a big fat content: the actors and the writer. The writer, Kim Eun Suk (Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, Lover in Paris), managed to make Jang Dong Gun agreed to came […]

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