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“Gentleman’s Dignity” Best Prologues

The most anticipated scene in SBS Drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” episodes is definitely the prologue. Every episode, they always have the first 2-3  minutes for prologue, telling short flashback or insight of the brotherhood and as well as manhood. I guess all of us who’ve been following this drama have our own favorite among the prologues. […]

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The Gentlemen Parade on “Gentleman’s Dignity” Press Conference

Yesterday, the gentlemen got together and wearing the neat and luxury suit, they were Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro, and Lee Jong Hyuk. these gorgeous ajeossi-deul, being together like this just because one lady, Kim Eun Suk. Yeah..finally, Kim Eun Suk’s new drama “Gentleman’s Dignity” ready to airing this weekend (first […]

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Kim Ha Heul’s Stills From “Gentlemen’s Dignity”

After the gentlemen begin their brotherhood, now the main heroine on “Gentlemen’s Dignity”, Kim Ha Neul, showed the charisma as the high school ethics teacher, Yi Soo. These are photos for her first filming on April 8th. Kim Ha Neul looked impressive and pretty, especially with that blue jacket. As the teacher and mature figure, […]

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Crime Squad Episode 1-2 Summary

Here comes the Crime Squad. It’s a bit late though, but turn out to be quite an interesting drama to watch. Here’s the brief introduction. Park Se Hyeok was an eccentric policeman. He can be very determine in tracking down a drug trafficker, but sometimes he just broke the law to put his fist on […]