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The King 2 Hearts: Ha Ji Won Covering T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” Dance

Ooh..Ha Ji Won just too cute with those cat paws and the big ribbon headband, is she really 34 years old??? I doubt it. After SNSD, “The King 2 Hearts” brings another girl group buzz on the set, this time is T-ara. On today episodes (episode 7 and 8 for April 12), Ha Ji Won’s […]

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T-ara’s Shuffle Dance and Tears on “Lovey Dovey” MVs

Once again T-ara make a buzz through their catchy song and dance, after showing the 70’s cute dance on “Roly Poly”, now these seven girls  teach us how to do shuffling. They do the popular shuffle dance on “Lovey Dovey” MVs (from Funky Town album). “Lovey Dovey” made on  a bunch of MVs, before they […]

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HershE, Girl Band from “Dream High 2” Unveiled Poster

Since “Dream High 2” is planned to be airing the first episode on January 30, then for anticipating, the poster of girl band from that drama, “HershE” is published. The poster featuring Sistar’s Hyorin, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and the rookie singer, Ailee.It’s a very convincing poster that at first I thought this poster was a real […]

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Dream High 2 Reading Session Has Begin

On December 21st, the official has published the photos from script reading session of “Dream High 2”. The actors came together on December 17th at restaurant in Gangnam, they are, Kang So Ra, Jeong Jin Woon (2AM), Ji Yeon (T-Ara), Hyorin (Sistar), Kim Jeong Tae, Kwon Hae Hyo, Park Jin Yeong, Choi Yeo Jin, and […]

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Ji Yeon For “Dream High 2” Cast

Soon, Ji Yeon will come back on acting. Her name has been confirmed on the cast list for the most anticipated sequel drama “Dream High 2”.  Actually, she’s following Eun Jung’s step, her band mate, Eun Jung played on Dream High. She knows she’s busy promoting T-ara’s new album in Korea and also overseas, but […]

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T-Ara’s “Ya Ya Ya” MV from New Mini Album

On November 30, T-Ara released their mini album, titled “TEMPTASTIC” contains five songs. And on December 1st they released a clip for the first single “Ya Ya Ya”. Now T-ara has seven members. In this MV they perform with Indian style complete with feathers. They look cute and adorable. The music is quite interesting, a […]

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T-ara’s New Member

The new member of T-ara, Ryu Hwa Yeong, was finally announced. Hwayeong become the 7th member of T-ara. She is the twin sister of Hyoyeong, personnel Co-Ed, another idol group from Core Content Media. And there are still other changes, Boram is replacing Eunjeong as the group leader. Jiyeon appeared together with Hwayeong in that […]


What Happened, Ji Yeon?

The rumors spread quickly, before her debut in T-ara, Ji Yeon committed on a sexual video chatting. The video that’s featuring a girl who looked like her spreads on the internet. T-Ara’s management and Ji Yeon’s family have done clarification that the girl in the video wasn’t Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon herself is still in […]

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T-Ara’s Profile

The six girls look as cute as pussy cats in “Bo Peep Bo Peep” video clip. This girl band consists of, Eun Jeong, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon, Bo Ram, Q-ri (Kyu Ri), and So Yeon. They have successfully released an album titled ” Absolute First Album” in 2009 and” Breaking Heart ” in 2010. Their […]

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