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School 2013 Episode 1 Quick Summary

School 2013 started with  a delivery boy on his two wheels heading to a tutorial place, our High Kick boy. The tutorial place is a famous one, with the most famous tutorial teacher in town: Kang Se Chan. The boy acted indifferent, delivering a cake to one of the students in Se Chan’s class. He […]

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Faith Episode 2 Summary

The King decided to wait for Choi Yeong and it didn’t took long when suddenly the heaven’s gate showed a sign of a arrival. Choi Yeong went back with Eun Soo. Choi Yeong brought her to the injured queen. She still thought that Choi Yeong brought her to a movie set. She insisted them to […]

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Faith Episode 1 Summary

Drama Faith episode 1 started with an animation illustration telling the background history of what happened during that one period in Goryo dynasty. Somewhere in Goryo era, a group of royal special force was guarding two special carriages: the King and the Queen. They’re heading accross the river, but unfortunately the boat which they’re supposed […]

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Park Shin Hye, Kim Jung Hwa and Park Se Yeong Become Cherry Blossom Girls for CeCi

The spring has come, then CeCi presents three pretty young actresses from 4HIM entertainment to welcoming the spring time for May issue, they are Park Shin Hye, Kim Jung Hwa, and Park Se Yeong. These girls being together for commemorate first anniversary of their agency. With the fresh make up and the cute colorful outfits […]