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Fated To Love You – Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of “Fated to Love You” started with a korean model dipping her long silky black hair into the stone water bowl in a green leafy nature surrounding. Apparently, she was shooting an advertisement for a shampoo commercial. During the shoot, the model (starred by Clara Kee Seong-Min) wasn’t too impressed with the […]

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School 2013 Episode 1 Quick Summary

School 2013 started with  a delivery boy on his two wheels heading to a tutorial place, our High Kick boy. The tutorial place is a famous one, with the most famous tutorial teacher in town: Kang Se Chan. The boy acted indifferent, delivering a cake to one of the students in Se Chan’s class. He […]

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The Students from “School 2013” (학교 2013) Revealed

KBS revealed the pics of a bunch of teenagers wearing the school uniforms. Yeah..they are students from one of the most anticipated dramas at the end of the this year, “School 2013” (학교 2013)or known as “School season 5”. The drama plans to begin airing on December 3rd for replacing “Ohlala Couple” For this season, […]

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Choi Daniel and Jang Na Ra Confirmed To Reunite on “School 2013” (2013학교)

On October 23rd, Choi Daniel confirmed to reunite with his former co-star on “Baby Faced Beauty”, Jang Na Ra. They both agree to act together again on remake of legendary teenage drama “School” to become “School 2013”. In 90’s “School” became a hit drama, and was produced into four seasons. That drama starred by Jang […]

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Baby-faced Beauty Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Here we are at last…the final episode. This drama has been entertaining for me. It’s a nice come back for Jang Na Ra, always good to watch Ryu Jin, Kim Min Seo did a good job too as an antagonist, but for me personally…Choi Daniel saved the whole thing. He’s a naturally witty man. Though […]

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Baby-faced Beauty Episode 19 Summary

It’s only one more episode to the finale. I had guessed this drama should have a predictable ending, and watching this episode assured me that i’ll get the kind of ending i’ve expected. Ji Seung Il didn’t punch Jin Wook or involve himself into a fight. Instead, the security came and he ordered them to […]

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Baby-faced Beauty Episode 18 Summary

Last episode ended with a kiss, but the love atmosphere soon to be ended. Seo Yeong decided to leave Jin Wook. The next morning at  the office, while Jin Wook’s love enthusiasm was still up, Seo Yeong talked to him about breaking up. She told him that their relationship didn’t take them anywhere while her […]

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Baby-faced Beauty Episode 17 Summary

Episode 17 was not very dynamic, though Seo Yeong finally met her father and also Jin Wook’s father. In the same time, she realized that she loved Jin Wook very much. It’s funny that the couple acted like a high schoolies couple. They called each other “Yojin) (Yoja Chingu = girlfriend) and “Namjin” (Namja chingu […]

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Baby-faced Beauty Episode 16 Summary

Okay, this color blind issue…I really hope it won’t lead to any deathly illness or anything like that. I mean that kind of story plot is so first k-wave era, right? Let’s hope for the best climax and anti-climax for this story. The meeting summoned Seo Yeong to confirm about what really happen and Seo […]

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