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Rain Is Sued For Gambling

In the middle of his success as a witty Ji Woo on “Fugitive: Plan B”, Rain has actually got quite a big stumbling. A businessman, Andrew Kim, demanded him, the lawsuit associated with gambling. Kim claimed he had lent Rain money $ 150,000 USD for gambling on Baccarat table at the Bellagio Hotel in Las […]

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“Fugitive:Plan B” Soundtrack by Sin Seung Hun

This song is one of the romantic sides of this action comedy drama, and it’s a must. The song is romantic … “I Don’t Trust in Love” (사랑 같은건 믿지 않지만) by Sin Seung Hun. A nice song on very interesting drama … MV: Lyric: I Don’t Trust In Love ( 사랑같은건 믿지 않지만) By […]

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A Real Copy or Just Looked a Like?

Sometimes I am fooled by the appearance of several Korean celebrities who share the same face. They don’t have any blood relationship, but yet look so much a like as if they’re twins! And that’s what makes me wonder … Sometimes I joke to Rizz saying that their plastic surgeons are probably the same, so […]

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Light Teaser from Fugitive/Runaway/Plan B

Before, I was tired by the first teaser that filled of chasing and fighting scenes, now I finally can smile at the second teaser from Fugitive / Runaway / Plan B that I think lighter and more entertaining. Yups … because I could see Rain’s smile in this teaser. But it seems that I feel […]

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A Funnier Fugitive/Runaway/Plan B’s 2nd Poster

Finally I believe that the Fugitive / Runaway / Plan B is a romantic action comedy drama after seeing a second poster. Frankly I wasn’t sure if there are comedy elements in this drama especially after seeing the first poster and teaser. I became more curious with this drama, actually i miss a little silly […]

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Fugitive/Runaway/Plan B’s Poster Released

Romantic action drama that scheduled to be broadcasted this late month (September 29) has released an official poster that presents all the main casts: Rain, Lee Na Yeong, Lee Jeong Jin, Daniel Hanney, and Yoon Jin Seo. On Fugitive/Runaway/Plan B’s poster, Rain appears with his usual pose (frankly, a bit boring for me because he […]

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Official Teaser for Fugitive / Runaway / Plan B

Rain’s latest drama, “Fugitive” or “Plan B” or “Runaway” has released a teaser. Frankly, eventhough the duration is less than a minute, I felt tired watching it. The teaser is full of catch-me-if-you-can scenes a.k.a chasing scenes (matching with drama title), and fighting scenes. ~typical action drama, don’t you think so~ I’m not a fan […]


Rain’s Military Service Postponed

Yups…Finally we can still see Rain’s acting in the drama or movie, at least until next year. With the reason of still undergoing master degree program, Rain who was suppose to sign up for military service September 28th got a postpone permission until next year. Then Rain seemed to be positive to appear in “Red […]

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Rain: Red Scarf or Military Service?

While still being occupied by the production of drama “Fugitive“, Rain was reportedly will joining the next project, a movie remake, “Red Scarf”. Red Scarf  is a classic movie produced in 1964, a story about an air force pilot’s life. However, Rain’s plan to be the leading actor in the Red Scarf is not that […]

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