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The King 2 Hearts: When Lee Seung Gi’s Bare Chest Made Us Blushing

Do you  remember this articles? about Lee Seung Gi who talked to his seonbae-deul in one of 2Days 1Night (season 1) episodes that he took some exercises and tight diet to make his body sharper for his role on “The King 2 Hearts” . After he wore the full-pressed-body-swim-suit on episode 4, then he appeared […]

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The King 2 Hearts Couple Finally on Love Line

More stills from “The King 2 Hearts” was published and showed the couple together. These stills came from scene on episode 5  that will running tonight (April 4th). Actually these are some kind of spoilers. On these pictures, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) were sitting side by […]

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The King 2 Hearts: The Conclusion for Episode 3 and 4

Sorry  this week i’m too late to give some comments on “The King 2Hearts”, especially for episode 3 and 4. Because for my seven-years-old-brain needed twice-watch to digest the whole story. Last week was the amazing tense episodes! And finally i have got one conclusion, the writes were genius and audacious. Hong Ja Ram and […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 4 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 4 starts with Jae Ha showing Shi Kyeong how Kang Seok went crazy just because watching SNSD’s MV. He even showed him Kang Seok’s notes about SNSD he hid under his keyboard and Jae Ha just made fun of it. But the wise Shi Kyeong just put it back and […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 3 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 3 starts with the moment when Jae Ha affirmed Hang Ah that “You are not a woman.” It hurts Hang Ah’s heart badly that she left, crying. The clueless Jae Ha had no idea that he had hurt Hang Ah’s heart. In US, the crazy John got a report about […]

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The King 2 Hearts: Was Really It “Only-Dream-Kiss”?

The second episode of The King 2Hearts last night (March 22nd) made love more the couple: cocky prince and bipolar assassin, Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah. Whoaa…I fall in love with this drama! They are so adorable, it was more than I expected. And for this first week, among other anticipated dramas, “Rooftop Prince” […]

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 2 Quick Summary

Prince Lee Jae Ha said he would do good, so Hang Ah let him go. Hang Ah help him up on his feet again with only one hand. There’s a very wealthy man, John, facing his dying father. He’s crying, fakely. He said his father said sorry for giving him hard times, but John said […]

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The King 2 Hearts: When Ha Ji Won Was Recalling Hyun Bin

I already watched the first episode of “The King 2Hearts” on March 21st, like Rizz said that this drama brings heavy issues but the writers and director wrapped those issues on a bleak comedy. So far I love the whole aspect of this drama, the story, the actors, and of course Ha Ji Won’s acting. […]

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“The King 2 Hearts”: The Longer Teaser

Through this video I get the pictures about Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) and Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) personalities more clearly. and I can guess a  little about the main conflict on this drama. For Ha Ji Won and Seung Gi, two thumbs up for them. Their acting are really good that […]

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