BIG Episode 16 Quick Summary (Final)

Here we are finally in BIG final episode. It may be luring and seems to be brightly clear reaching the end…the writers chose “surprise”. But what kind of surprise, just wait a little while ;)

The episode starts with Da Ran declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring and put it on the table, in front of the whole family. Gyeong Joon brought Da Ran away. Mr. Gil apologized to Seo family.

Da Ran said she would love him now and then on, no matter he would remember or not. “I’ve never met any crazy girl like you,” said Gyeong Joon. “Yes, I’m crazy,” said Da Ran.  Then she gave him back the watch and it surprised Gyeong Joon. “You searched for this in the water? You’re really crazy,” said Gyeong Joon. “Yes,you’re right I’m crazy for sure.” And then she continued, “Even though you won’t remember, I will for sure get you,” said Da Ran.

For Gil family this matter was difficult, but for Seo family, Da Ran was just making things easier. Mrs.Seo dealt with it just casually.
Then Se Yeong called them, informing Gyeong Joon’s body was making a reaction

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon were walking home together, hand in hand, ignoring people staring at the dirty Da Ran. Then Da Ran was trying to make Gyeong Joon be able to keep one silly memory. She took a bush flower from the public pot on the path way, then crossed the street. The ajeossi who saw it called for her and Gyeong Joon had to say she’s a bit not right in mind. “Gyeong Joon, should I sing for you?” she cried from across the street.  Then she sang Pororo song. Everyone thought she was a loony. Gyeong Joon approached Da Ran and said, “If i can remember this, it’d be cool.”

Gyeong Joon’s aunty was going to take Da Ran’s ring, but Ma Ri came asking for it. “It’s mine, I bought it. It’s not a lie. So please give it to me.” Then Ma Ri asked the aunt and uncle a favor, “When Gyeong Joon awake, you should tell him the person who’s been loyal to him is Jang Ma Ri.”

At home, in the kitchen, Gyeog Joon was sitting facing Da Ran, interrogating her, “Since when you start liking KKJ?”
Da Ran:”I don’t remember exactly.”
Gyeong Joon protested, “You should remember about this!”
Da Ran confessed, “At the theater, while listening to the record together.”
Da Ran also said she started to feel her heart wavering on the park that day when she felt something weird in her heart and Gyeong Joon was coming for her. “I actually saw you that day,” said Gyeong Joon. DA Ran said she had no confidence that day, that’s why she hid.

Da Ran had to go to her family. Oh I love the way Gong Yoo smiled when he said goodbye to Da Ran on the door before she left.

Da Ran was facing her family. Her mother was going to cut Da Ran’s hair for her punishment, but she never did it. Mrs.Gil cried, “I don’t know how to face my mother. I don’t even know my own daughter.”

Gyeong Joon spent his day in the hospital with his two favorite kids. He’s blowing out baloon. When the boy’s baloon was blown out, the surprised Gyeong Joon felt something weird in his heartbeat.

Mrs.Gil proposed Se Yeong to get closer to Yoon Jae again after he’s back healthy later on after the surgery.

Choong Shik was ordered by his mother to court Da Ran from school to home. Meanwhile Gyeong Joon was actually waiting for her in front of the school, but Da Ran went back home with her brother. So Gyeong Joon came to her house, but he couldn’t get in so he asked Da Ran out. But Mr.Gil prohibited Da Ran to go out of house.She’s definitely grounded. Gyeong Joon was still waiting for her behind their house. He told Da Ran to go down from the balcony and he’d catch her. But Mrs.Gil stopped her. Later on, Da Ran didn’t give any notice to Gyeong Joon and just jumped down. She’s landed bad, but she’s fine. They hid behind th plant in Gil’s backyard and did the backstreet date just like teenagers. She put back the watch to his wrist (Gyeong Joon made her) and then kissed him and Gyeong Joon was very happy for the kiss.

Mrs.Seo told Gyeong Joon that she’s not going with him and his father because she wanted to stay with Gyeong Joon to take care of him. Gyeong Joon was a bit touch, but stayed cool. Then she got a call from Mr.Seo telling that Ma Ri took away Gyeong Joon’s body.

Gyeong Joon tried to catch her. He called Ma Ri on his way. Ma Ri was really desperate. She said, “If Da Ran is crazy, I’m doible double crazy!” Gyeong Joon said, “Fine! If you’re not giving back my body, I won’t go to Germany nor take the surgery. I will stay in Seo Yoon Jae’s body and I will die soon anyway.” Ma Ri lost the argument and give up. She sent back Gyeong Joon’s body.

Ma Ri told Gyeong Joon that if when he’s back he couldn’t remember anything but insisted on staying by Da ran’s sise, Yoon Jae would also suffer just like her. Because no matter what, Yoon Jae was Da Ran’s fiancee.

Ma Ri met Da Ran and told a lie about the ring. She  said she took it from the restaurant and put the ring somewhere in mandoo’s ingredient. The crazy Da Ran look for it here in there, even run after the take away mandoos. But of course she found none. Actually I don’t really get the urgency of this scene.

The unconscious Yoon Jae in the hospital remembering the last time he talked to Da Ran. He remembered the way Da Ran desperately asked him if he really loved her. Gyeong Joon’s body cried.

Da Ran was across the street and Gyeong Joon called her. They talked on the phone. Da Ran said that everyday she would remember him well, no matter he would remember or not after he’s coming back.

Gyeong Joon talked straightly to Ma Ri that he would stay with Gil Da Ran, so she would not need to come to him anymore. Gyeong Joon was giving the harsh reality for Ma Ri and that’s just his style, but he’s making it a friendly break up. “Ma Ri, come here,” Gyeong Joon gave her the last pat on the head.

Ma Ri left for US straightly soon. She only had Choong Shik sent her away. Choong Shik wrote down his nmae on Ma Ri’s bag, told her to wait for him.

Gyeong Joon was ready for Germany. He told Se Yeong that when the Seo Yoon Jae  she liked was back, she could try to get his heart again. “Please be sexy.”

Da Ran came with an old green umbrella she just had it fixed. Gyeong Joon was watering the plant. “Gyeong Joon, do you remmber the first time we met?” asked Da Ran. She asked him to spray her so it’d be like rain, like the moment they first met.

They redo the first time they met, by taking the bus. Gyeong Joon said he was the one who change their umbrellas. Gyeong Joon said if he appeared next to Da Ran, she should catch him. And no matter Gyeong Joon might indifferently shrugged her away on that moment, Da Ran should surely catch him. So they would have a moment like this one, the sweet memory under one umbrella under the rain standing side by side.

Sadly, that’s also the place where they’re saying good bye. Gyeong joon cried, telling out his  desperation. He didn’t want to lose all his memories with DA Ran. “Gil Da Ran, I love you.” Then he left.

One year later.
Da Ran was doing fine. The sick cute kids were recovered. Teacher Ha and his wife were expecting a child. Choong Shik became a cook in his family business. He sent mandoo regularly to Ma Ri. And this time, when he was about to send mandoo to Ma Ri just like usual, Ma Ri suddenly appeared in front of him. Ma Ri was studying photography. Choong Shik took their picure together with his mobile.

Gyeong Joon’s house was occupied by another family. Da Ran walked pass it.

Then she rode a bus. It was raining and 10.10. On the bus, a radio show was airing, telling story that seemed to be Da Ran’s. Then there were two green  umbrellas on the bus floor, Da Ran smiled. Da Ran got off the bus, opened the umbrella for it’s raining. Then someone called her name. A tall big man in checkered shirt came running joined her under the umbrella. But we didn’t see his face, just the broad shoulder and the KKJ watch on his wrist.

The scene was back to moment when Gyeong Joon told her that moment under the umbrella before he left.  Da Ran remembered what Gyeong Joon told her  that day: to catch him and no matter Gyeong Joon might indifferently shrugged her away she had to run after him. And she did it.

It’s definitely a happy ending. But a mysterious one. We never see the face of that broad shoulder. The writers leave it for us, the viewers, to make our own version of the ending.

Ha! I think the writers were “trapped” by their own complicated story. So they didn’t want to push anything to spoil the good story building. So they make the ending this way. Happy ending…but complicated.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Thanks. I now don’t need to see it.

  2. Wait? So in the end it was kkj or yj?????

    • its kkj, mari said that they switched back, .. it’s kinda compicated. the man under the umbrella is kkj, its the older version of kkj that looks ike yoon jae because they’re fraternal twins..

  3. same.wTH..Worst drama ever.Why theres secondary cast so useless.And The poster of it doesnt really suits story line.Miracle -book skeptical one.Hahahahahaha.What drama is it jus a scrolling and scribblingss.of Hong Sister.Terible terible.Where the heck is Shin woo–an outcast of the show.poor scriptwritting. the worst.My eyes its hurting and my time I have wasted for nth and my sleep I disapproved…My loss :-X

  4. Wow, that’s disappointing. Yesterday’s episode should have been the “build-up” to the finale, instead of 1-hour of confusing filler. And, I also think the Hong Sisters painted themselves into a corner and without the possibility of an extension (because of the Olympics) had to wrap up the loose ends. I will watch the last episode tonight, but I’m pretty sure it’s GY as KKJ in the end – based upon the pictures above. Also, because the man was described as tall & big…and that’s not a description of Shin’s “boyish” body. I LOVE Gong Yoo (and his rendition of Davichi’s song) and LMJ did a great job w/the character of DaRan. I can only hope that he does another kdrama soon or movie. Swoon.

  5. Thank you for the quick summary..^_^
    it’s kinda disappointing that we don’t know what happened to
    KKJ’s body..will YJ wake up?..but Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung did a great job in this drama..

  6. Finally,this is what i’m afraid of.

  7. I was gonna watch it but decided to read what it was about… good thing i just read the summary… I wouldn’t have liked it… I’ll just rewatch Coffee Prince… It’s straightforward in it’s plot…

  8. Oh man, i had the ending plotted in my head already. i wish the real seo yoon jae would sacrifice his body for KKJ because KKJ was the one who saved him from his illness in the first place. He would grant KKJ a happy life with Da Ran in his body while he took KKJ’s body with no memory so he starts a happy life as KKJ. Win win situation much? D:

  9. luckily i didn’t watch this drama .. thanks! but thumbs up to suzy for the excellent acting! :)

  10. that is not what happened…The did have surgery within the 1 year because Yoon Jae left with his dad to Germany to get his surgery done. After he gets his surgery he then switches body with Yoon Jae. Now that KKJ and Yoon jae are in their own bodies they have their life. However, Gil Da Ran said that she would confess her love for KKJ to Yoon Jae and all that happened within the year. Now within the year, KKJ has all grown up to look exactly like Yoon Jae and luckily he hasn’t lost his memories hence being able to have a life with Gil Da Ran

  11. that is not what happened…They did have surgery within the 1 year because Yoon Jae as KKJ left with his dad to Germany to get his surgery done. After he gets his surgery he switches body with Yoon Jae. Now that KKJ and Yoon jae are in their own bodies they have their life. However, Gil Da Ran said that she would confess her love for KKJ to Yoon Jae and all that happened within the year. Now within the year, KKJ has all grown up to look exactly like Yoon Jae and luckily he hasn’t lost his memories hence being able to have a life with Gil Da Ran

    • it’s that your comment true??if it’s what happen like u said so this really happy ending..:)

    • at first, i thought like you too… but it really not make sense that in just one year, Kyung joon was grown up and make it similar face with yoon jae. Another reason is, if u still state that they are twin, yes of course maybe kyung joon is a version young of yoon jae, but how 21st kyung joon can be look exactly with 30-an yoon jae.

  12. well…well..well…finally…the last episode…just take it easy guys..that’s kkj in yj’body……because the only person who knew about the park was kkj!!! ;) IT’S HAPPY ENDINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe….. I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! ;()

  13. There should be an explanation what happen to KKJ body and Yoon Jae. What happen to Dr. Yoon Jae? Is he in Germany? alive? If KKJ come back to Gil Daran, show his face with little more mature features. How should the audience feel? Happy or what ? Most Korean dramas are always like that giving dissatisfaction in the end. I was thinking of buying its DVD but now no need to buy.

  14. hai up there yo
    i know u tried to make this drama end up lovely…yeeeh daran end up with kkj but aigooooo tall and black hair that’s definitely gong yoo….huhu i want shin wonho

  15. haha..But think about it, in episode 15 & 16 Gil Da Ran and KKJ agreed that they shouldn’t abandon the people they previously liked and said that they can’t be together right away. Gil Da Ran also admitted that she will confess her love for KKJ to Yoon Jae. That is why Yoon Jae (in KKJ’S body) cried and had a flashback of the part where he was going to give Gil Da Ran the ring.

    This is a happy ending folks..KKJ has grown up to become Yoon Jae..This is like common sense, KKJ was 100% positive that after the surgery they will come back into their own bodies and that is why they head off to Germany. Now think about it, the drama doesn’t need to explain all the little details about the switching body because they explained that enough in the previous episodes. Now KKJ has a family and is reunited with his love, Gil da ran…KKJ also looks exactly like Yoon Jae beause they are brothers…Now you can do some assuming about Yoon jae. He has probably continued his doctor life but maybe fell in love with his ex-wife again….maybe. haha but overall this drama made people think in the end

  16. i hate this kind of ending..if the PD wants us the viewers to come up with our own interpretation then, he shouldn’t have done this drama in the first place..i want clear, smooth and direct ending!!!

  17. I feel like I had started a drama which was funny, intriguing, nice plot and turned slowly in something boring, not clear, not well-structured.
    The ending leave the viewer with a hunger, a wild appetite. It’s just like all the complicated elements which were important composants of the problematic, the story line are avoided.
    – In which body exactly is KKJ ?
    -What was the purpose of the book “miracle”?
    -Where is the miracle ?
    -Why they didn’t use KKJ body ?
    -How did Da Ran explain her feeling for KKJ to YJ ?
    I am so disappointed but still I have to say that the actors have been FANTASTIC.

  18. hey Hanice Ebara..
    1) so KKJ is in his own body now but has grown up to resemble his brother Yoon Jae
    2) The book “miracle” was written by KJJ birth mother so that KKJ and yoon jae will be able to grow together where there souls/destiny is meant to help each other.
    3)The miracle is when Yoon jae saves KKJ by switching bodies. Yoon jae didn’t just save KKJ’s life from the water but he also helped him realize that he does have a true family. The miracle is right there isn’t it? how can that possibly happen…and besides that, Yoon Jae’s illnes is also cured as KKJ donates blood.
    4) lol i don’t know what you’re asking
    5) Yoon Jae was basically able to hear and comprehend what was going on in KKJ’s and Gil da ran’s love life. that is why he started to cry after Gil Da ran said that she has moved on to KKJ

  19. i don’t like the ending of this drama. It’s not rational at all. If da ran ends up with KKj, is possible to be YJ face (Gong yoo face)just in one year??

    Handue!!! I don’t like the ending of Hong sister’s big korean drama. Disappointing me and all of my friends who always waiting for good and plausible ending..

  20. the ending was disappointing

  21. I thought that hong ‘s dramas always best. But it was a disappointed ending. Mood : Su*k

  22. only 3 words to express z’s drama HAPPILY EVER AFTER

  23. Exellent acting,nice story line but ugly ending,i hate it that shinho was a sleeping prince the hole time at least he should have wolken up in da last episode,the guy at last was gyeonjun in yunjae’s body(identify him by his voice)i hate the last two episodes,lv the acting specialy kmj & shinho.big fighting

  24. Wait i just saw this in KBS World but they showed it was an older KKJ with Gil Daran’s watch.. did i watch a different version?

  25. ..hmmp ,, im always afraid of watching KBS drama series.. it is always had an awful ending .. though the storyline quite good,, it ended up messy,, hmmp.. thanks for the comments .. now i dont have to rush up and sleep late for this..
    Im so disappointed they uses a good catch of artist,, I hope they would make good stories with a very good ending

  26. I’m in between of loving the ending and sad about the ending :/ It’s a so-so situation.

    AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT KEPT QUESTIONING WHAT YOON JAE ANSWER WAS TO GIL DA RAN (the time when she asked him if he loved her)?

  27. This is a lie!!! :D



  28. Well i think now i get the says somewhere in the episode that KKJ n SJY are look it shows that as time has passed KKJ has started lookig like his elder brother..n in the last epside he also told gil da inthat he has propsly changed the umbrella in the first epsidoe coz he liked her( had a crush on her) he did that same thing unconciuosly..after meeting gil da in,its first time for him n again he fell for her n did the same thing..n gil rememberin that he said to cling to him no matter what,runs after him…so KKJ N SJY have returned to theor respective bodies n KKJ doesnt remember her..y is he visitng korea,dat is a bit unexplained..n y did SJY didnt come back also is kind of unexplained…

    But thats wt i got from the dramaz ending

  29. thanks,i saw it in the KBS but i didn,t understand what happended at the end

  30. I would say it is KKJ at the end, they intentionally show us the watch. But still it is disappointing for YJ’s ending. As we know he has never left Da Ran, and he seems to know what was happening between Da Ran and KKJ as he has the fast heart beat when Da Ran appeared in front of the families to admit that she love KKJ, also the big question of what he was going to tell Da Ran before the accident is unsolved,. The ending is not fair to YJ…they don’t solve it properly.

  31. I love this series. Thanks for this great review.

  32. Well i think now i get the says somewhere in the episode that KKJ n SJY are look it shows that as time has passed KKJ has started lookig like his elder brother..n in the last epside he also told gil da inthat he has propsly changed the umbrella in the first epsidoe coz he liked her( had a crush on her) he did that same thing unconciuosly..after meeting gil da in,its first time for him n again he fell for her n did the same thing..n gil rememberin that he said to cling to him no matter what,runs after him…so KKJ N SJY have returned to theor respective bodies n KKJ doesnt remember her..y is he visitng korea,dat is a bit unexplained..n y did SJY didnt come back also is kind of unexplained…

    But thats wt i got from the dramaz ending



  33. yes. the ending was a bit crappy and too hanging. too many question left unanswered and it become unfair for YJ for he also love da ran so much . Also, the big question was what was YJ supposed to say before they had a accident. it is too sad that the story of this drama was so good what made it flopped was the ending. i hope that the hong sisters will make a part 2 for this but it is a wishful thinking. :(

  34. FOLLOW me on twitter: @DaniecaJhean_DJ
    to others that hate the ending… please stop it…because the writer nor the director didn’t mean that the ending of the story is NOT good Enough,, to the taste of yours…. so just shut your mouth,,if you just keeping posting a BAD posts about this story…im just really love this story,,,thats why im acting like this…no offend.. Thank you! ;)
    —for Me, i really love this story.. <3 and i also love the ending…the story has a more twist's on it.. and its a very beautiful story to me… the cast's, directors,writters…and others who participate..on this story is have DONE a "VERY, GOOD JOB!"
    "if theres something wrong to my english im sorry… ^_^V
    당신이 그것을 좋아하길 바래 (GOD BLESS to all of you!)
    #13years of age!
    #100% FILIPINO!

  35. nae KKJ Saranghamnida <3 <3 <3….

  36. what happened to KKJ?

  37. this is the kind of drama i’ll never forget..though the story is not straightforward still i could have my own version of ending because i believe that da ran and kkj are the ones who ended up with each other..just imagine your own kind of ending it’s worth da ran and kkj! :)

  38. Well the story is great and cute but it was so wrong ms.Gil really end up with KKJ at the end while YJ has no longer any memory about ms. Gil and pretty sure YJ will end up with the Doctor… Sucks though that YJ didn’t get the chance to tell Ms. Gil what he felt… But we never know YJ might have had a change of heart thats why the miracle had to happen so that Ms. Gil wouldn’t get hurt…

  39. They could have had more kissing scene while KKJ was in the older guy so it wouldn’t look weird her kissing a kid. also they could have at least once did it since they were married and they lived in the same house. come on at least one time saying a goodbye may never get to do this again kind of thing. Very disappointed with the ending. They should have shown the Doc being with the other woman doc being happy and then show KKJ at least grabbing Gil and saying I’ve missed you or have her meet him at a their house with daisy flowers showing her he did remember that at least is better than what the writers did.

  40. i loved what you did;now i wont have to watch it and the images:nice touch

  41. i am from algeria and i love this series so much,nice korean actors

  42. for me…

    1. Dr. Seo loved Ms. Gil but couldn’t marry her because he know he is sick and would just make her life with him unhappy.
    2. KKJ and Dr. Seo are twins so there is a possibility that they would look the same
    3. By the time they met again, KKJ would be 22 and boys do grow up so fast (maybe he did work out to look good for Ms. Gil during those years — remember that comment of KKJ on Dr. Seo’s body)
    4. They didn’t show his face, but it is KKJ — in connection to the past scenes flashed at the last episode. Maybe writers thought that Ms. Gil with a bigger KKJ would be more acceptable to the audience.
    5. Ms. Gil recognized him as KKJ at the last episode.

    anyway, it reminded me of the while you were sleeping movie concept.

    • I would happily accept this type of logic to the ending, since I find no other “good” ending to the series. It is complicated and really leaves no closure (the way they decided to end it).

  43. I kind of concluded with this ending.

    It’s quite confusing. But if you look at it again, I think it will come to you. Pay attention to the voice, size, height of the guy.

    When the guy came from behind, there was no face. I’m assuming it’s KKJ from his high pitch voice. Isn’t it different from Yoon Jae’s voice?

    Next, pay attention to the background. The one with the rain shows no face, but the one with Yoon Jae’s shows no rain. It’s a changing scene.

    Scene plays – this is how i came to a conclusion.
    The past KKJ is the flashback of what he said one year ago.

    At that point when KKJ ran under her umbrella and touched her hand, Da ran remembers KKJ words in Yoon Jae’s body before he left 1 year ago.

    Past KKJ: “If i come and get a crush on you again, you hold onto me first.”

    -greetings- ( pay attention to the guy’s voice)

    Now KKJ: “I’m just going to ask because I’m curious”

    Da ran: “I know that you came here to flatter me”

    Now KKJ: “You are overreacting. Why are you standing so close?” -walks away- This is how i know he don’t really have memories of her.

    Past KKJ: “If da ran appears again by my side, even if i whine or throw a fit, endure it and don’t let me go.”

    So Da ran ran to him under the umbrella(Like in episode 1 where they 1st talked to each other)

    scene changes again

    Past KKJ: “I don’t know if i could still be able to remember. but.. tell me your feelings how they are right now.”
    “If you do, then we will come back to this moment right here.”
    Here, he says he don’t know if he can remember her, but if she tells him her feelings, then they will start all over again.

    Da ran: “I love you.”

    Past KKJ: “At this moment, my heart.. Just like it is now. It will all grow at once. Like a miracle.” From this, I think he means that, When you tell me your feelings. My heart will love you once again like it was before I left you(for the operation), just like a miracle.”

    This is what I think and I think it’s more evident. Even if they are twins, they are fraternal twins. Fraternal twins do not look alike as much as identical twins would.

    I think the ending was so far so good, of course I had a first ‘huh?’ when I first watched the scene. Then I rewinded, and found out the ending. The script writers just beat about the bush don’t they?

    I hope this is helpful to people who don’t understand. If you agree with me, I think this is a more understandable ending? C:

    • You really understood it well. It is a good drama after all, even if it is a bit confusing. I just love it that there are people who appreciate it because they thoroughly understood what really happened. :D

  44. i agreed, i love this drama very much but the ending a bit weird….whether the person appeared at the end is really kkj? Ma Ri said both of them back to respective body but the ending still yj body from the size and hand holding umbrella with Da Ran can clearly kkj still remain in yj’s body….please can the writters explain clearly what is the meaning??? Really keep us hanging there…hope there is “Part Two of BIG ” to let us knows whether what is YJ going to tell Da Ran and the ending of kkj is back to his own body or he still remain in YJ body….

  45. All those who could appreciate how good it ended are the ones who probably understood this final episode. It was very good though its a bit confusing. Actually the first time I watched this drama, it was subbed in my dialect, and I didn’t get to understand what really happened. Things happened too fast, I think? Or it is just me who is just slow to comprehend. But anyway, since I got to watch it once again in english, now I know how good it ended. I really like that part when Da Ran chased after Kyung Jun who took her umbrella, the moment when the theme song was played.

    Present and Past coincides, that is how miracle worked out for the two people who used to love each other. Like how Kyung Jun said before he went to Germany for the surgery, when they meet in the future, Gil Da Ran should hold his hand and tell him exactly how she feels just like how when they were saying their farewells. And in that time, A MIRACLE WOULD HAPPEN. Where exactly how Kyung Jun felt that time during their farewell will be felt in the future when they meet (hold hands and when Da Ran had confessed her love), his feelings will grow as much as he has back then.

    Yep they did turned back to their original bodies, but in the closing part KKJ’s face wasn’t shown. Mainly because most fans, after watching the entire series with the actor who plays both KKJ and SYJ being the main love interest, they have developed emotional attachment to Gong Yoo’s face. They can’t use the younger KKJ’s face. There is no emotional attachment connected compared with Gong Yoo’s. GONG YOO AND MIN JUNG ARE THE MAIN FACES OF THE DRAMA, How will fans feel when they see a different face even though it is the original Kyung Jun? Do you get it?

    THUMBS UP to the Writers.

  46. So in the end does the real KKJ regain his memories with Gil Da Ran?

  47. its kind of dissapointing

  48. Zakiya Mayet Vanker

    So what was Seo yoon jae outcome… What was his answer? Did he move on? Alls well for the rest of the drama but they don’t complete this poor guys story

  49. Yeah. Its kind of dissapoiting those stories that ends like that. Its an open ending. Which the writer lets the reader or viewers think or make up their own ending. Who or what they want to end the story. Hahaha. And yeah. Its very complicated ending, ’cause mari said that they’re back to their own selves but I think that the broad shoulder man doesnt fit to be KKJ but SYJ. Hahaha. So they really didnt switch back?. Hmm

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