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The Saddest Goodbye in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 51

Tae Hee and Ja Eun clearly knew that it was gonna be their last date, their farewell date. When they finally met, they tried to make themselves ready. Ja Eun dressed very pretty and Tae Hee wore suit very nicely too. Tae Hee said Ja Eun looked pretty. “You too,” said Ja Eun. “And that’s […]

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Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi Attented The King’s First Script Reading Session

I was reported that on January 26th was held first script reading session for MBC’s most anticipated drama “The King”. The leading actress and actor, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, participated on that session. Finally they sit together to read the script for the first time. The event was held on  MBC Dream […]

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Lee Dong Wook and Jessica Captured Together on “Wild Romance”

Yeah finally it’s time for Jessica to show her acting ability. Starting this week she will regularly appears on small screen not to sing, but to act. “Wild Romance” has reached on the middle story, so Jessica as Park Moo Yeol’s past love, Kang Jong Hee,  has to go back on Moo Yeol’s life to […]

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The Sad Truth in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 50

With Ja Eun’s father miraculously came back safe and sound, the sad truth finally revealed to the whole family. Tae Hee and Ja Eun had to deal with the reality that they’re linked into each other with a tragic fate. When Ja Eun introduced Tae Hee and her father, Tae Hee tried to hold his […]

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A Happy Ending, Brain Episode 20 (Final)

After all of the hard times he had, Lee Kang Hoon deserves a happy ending, both in his career and love life. I like the way this drama presents a mature and un-cheesy story telling, but still put a little touch of drama typical endings for each main characters. If you hope to see the […]

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OST Brain Part 4 & 5

To complete our collection of one of our favorite dramas, “Brain,” here’re the rest of the drama’s OST. The favourite one between the two was of course Kim Yeon Woo’s “Closer to”. Just enjoy the songs Thanks for those who uploaded the songs on Youtube  Kim Do Hyeon – Gotta Get Up   Kim Yeon […]

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The Singing and The Passionate Kiss on Brain Episode 19

I thought this drama has getting a bit dull since they extend it from the original episode, but I was absolutely wrong [OF COURSE, RIZZ]. I’ve been struggling to dechiper Dr. Lee’s complicated mind and reaching the final episodes, I started to understand him. With Jang Yoo Jin’s daughter hospitalized in Chunha and Kang Hoon […]

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Ha Ji Won-Lee Seung Gi, Couple for “The King” Confirmed!

Yeah..it’s already confirmed now. Say goodbye for Gumiho, and say hello for Ha Ji Won, because next she will become Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend on “The King”. Now, the most I curious about is how Ha Ji Won’s appearance in this drama to look match for her younger boyfriend. I know she can, because she’s […]

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Soundtracks for “History of The Salary Man”

Actually, lately i felt sick with chaebol things or cinderella story on dramas. Thank goodness this winter SBS is showing the odd taste drama, “History of The Salary Man”. So far (i have just watch episode 6 that airing January 17th) this drama offered something different, so quirky and hilarious. Actually this drama tells about […]