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Shin Ha Kyun, Popularity and Being Single

Through his excellent acting in recently ended KBS drama “Brain”, Shin Ha Kyun has gained high popularity. His charisma has charmed many women out there. In the interview with Newsen, Shin Ha Kyun shared his real character that fame doesn’t really change him as a person. Despite his popularity, Shin Ha Kyun runs his life […]

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A Happy Ending, Brain Episode 20 (Final)

After all of the hard times he had, Lee Kang Hoon deserves a happy ending, both in his career and love life. I like the way this drama presents a mature and un-cheesy story telling, but still put a little touch of drama typical endings for each main characters. If you hope to see the […]

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OST Brain Part 4 & 5

To complete our collection of one of our favorite dramas, “Brain,” here’re the rest of the drama’s OST. The favourite one between the two was of course Kim Yeon Woo’s “Closer to”. Just enjoy the songs Thanks for those who uploaded the songs on Youtube  Kim Do Hyeon – Gotta Get Up   Kim Yeon […]

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The Singing and The Passionate Kiss on Brain Episode 19

I thought this drama has getting a bit dull since they extend it from the original episode, but I was absolutely wrong [OF COURSE, RIZZ]. I’ve been struggling to dechiper Dr. Lee’s complicated mind and reaching the final episodes, I started to understand him. With Jang Yoo Jin’s daughter hospitalized in Chunha and Kang Hoon […]

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The Winners List from 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Oops so sorry I just realized that Rizz only made brief articles about 2011 KBS Drama Awards. She didn’t cover the other winners. So let me make this article longer to show the other winners. The event was held at night on December 31st. Many actors and actresses came to that big event. That night […]

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Netizen Prize and Best Couple Prize for “Brain” Couple on 2011 KBS Daesang Awards

The couple of drama “Brain,” Shin Ha Kyun as Doctor Lee Kang Hoon and Choi Jung Won as Yoon Ji Hye got two awards on 2011 KBS Daesang Awards: the fifth couple for Best Couple Prize and Netizen Prize. Their unique love story in “Brain” had drown people’s attention, especially after the “Bubble gum kiss” […]

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Daesang Award for Shin Ha Kyun on 2011 KBS Drama Daesang Awards

Shin Ha Kyun won the Daesang Award on 2011 KBS Drama Daesang Awards. The event was held last night, December 31 2011. While I’m personally supported the Daesang Award for him, last night results raised pros and cons about whether it’s supposed to be Park Si Hoo or Shin Ha Kyun who won the Daesang […]

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“Brain” Original Soundtracks

Brain’s heart breaking original soundtracks complete the heart breaking story of Doctor Lee Kang Hoon. My favorite one is the song titled “Solitude” by Ibadi that always brings me a goosebumps, especially when I hear it in a chilly cloudy day… Part 1: 이 길의 끝에서  by Hong Kyung Min Part 2:죽을 만큼 사랑해 by Kim Jo […]

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Dr. Lee’s Saddest Moment in “Brain” Episode 13

“Brain” episode 13 was so sad that I couldn’t help my self shading some tears. But there’s my favorite scene which I think it was very brilliant, and turned out that many media also talk about that. This scene proves how a great actor Shin Ha Kyun is. I promised myself to write about it […]

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