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Teaser Images’s Girls Generation Third Mini Album (page 2)

Still in 70’s full color concept, now it’s turn to Taeyeon, Sunny, and Hyeyon appear in the teaser images for their third mini-album titled “Hoot”. The three of them are wearing bright colors like yellow, green, blue, and orange. Incomparison with the first image teasers, they look brighter and fresher. Beside images, this time audio […]

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Teaser Images Girls Generation’s Third Mini Album

On their official site, Girls Generation (소녀시대) released their latest images teaser images for their third mini-album. Not all members are there, only Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyeon. All three of them appear in the style of the “Austin Power’s girls”, the spy character with 70s concept. These three girls represent their respective colors according to […]

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SeeYa-DaVichi Together Again

Wow!!! That’s great..I really love these girls. I think Lee Bo Ram, Kim Yeon Ji, Lee Hae Ri, Kang Min Kyung have  strong voices. They do really sing,  you know what I mean, there are many idol groups but a few  that really sing and have a good voices.  SeeYa and DaVichi absolutely have it. […]

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SG Wannabe Is Back!

Kyaaaaaaa … .. Oops sorry I was hysteric because i’m too excited … SG Wannabe is my favorite male vocal group, I wouldn’t call them the boy band, because I never (and don’t want) see them dancing. And the most important thing is their voices are really great. After more than a year, exactly one […]

Today’s track: CNBlue’s “I’m A Loner”

My favorite song from CNBlue is “Love Light”, but recently I’ve been listening to another CNBlue’s song from their 2010’s first mini album Bluetory…”I’m A Loner”. This song tells about a broken hearted situation. Though that’s not particularly my situation right now, I dunno…just somehow I feel this song fits me in my current mood… […]

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“Fugitive:Plan B” Soundtrack by Sin Seung Hun

This song is one of the romantic sides of this action comedy drama, and it’s a must. The song is romantic … “I Don’t Trust in Love” (사랑 같은건 믿지 않지만) by Sin Seung Hun. A nice song on very interesting drama … MV: Lyric: I Don’t Trust In Love ( 사랑같은건 믿지 않지만) By […]


What Happened, Ji Yeon?

The rumors spread quickly, before her debut in T-ara, Ji Yeon committed on a sexual video chatting. The video that’s featuring a girl who looked like her spreads on the internet. T-Ara’s management and Ji Yeon’s family have done clarification that the girl in the video wasn’t Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon herself is still in […]


“Breathe” Miss A’s 2nd Single

Miss A, the new JYP’s protégé, after releasing “Step Up”, they continued on “Breathe”. Min, one of the Miss A members, announced it through her tweeter account just recently. Anyway, watching the MV brought me into a deep wrinkling forehead…   “what they do in this MV? Are they singing or what? Are they sure […]

DaVichi’s “From Me To You” ~nice song

I’ve been accidently hearing or seeing the MV of Davichi’s song “From Me to You.” At first I didn’t really pay any attention. But one moment I decided to sit and to listen to this song. Then I think…”Oh, it’s actually a nice song!” Frankly to say, I’m not a big fan of any idol […]